Erotic Foreplay Ideas to Drive Your Partner Wild

Femme et homme en train de réaliser des préliminaires
Intimacy and sexuality tend to be viewed as taboo subjects. This is unfortunate, because communication is a vital aspect of good sex. So, let’s leave the stigma behind today and have a frank conversation about foreplay. Foreplay is an important step that gives partners the chance to connect both physically and emotionally before having sex. However, plenty of people feel nervous about foreplay because they aren’t familiar with the specifics or are afraid of disappointing their partner. In this article, our Montreal-based erotic massage parlour presents the different stages of foreplay, the erogenous zones to stimulate, tips to make foreplay more exciting and creative, and what precautions to take for safety.

What is foreplay?

Before we discuss the specifics of good foreplay, let’s make sure we all understand what it is. As its name suggests, foreplay is everything that happens before the ultimate act of sex (which typically involves penetration). Foreplay is intended to build up to the final act by inciting arousal and desire in both partners. It can include kissing, stroking, erotic massage, masturbation, the use of erotic accessories and toys, and more.

Arouse your partner with these erotic foreplay ideas

First, it’s important to note that there is no universal trick for successful foreplay. Each person has their own unique preferences, so the most important thing is to listen to your partner and follow your instincts. However, if you feel more comfortable following guidelines, you can think of foreplay as a set of steps, each of which turns up the heat and offers an array of delectable possibilities for stimulating your partner’s senses.

1. Kissing and touching

Touch is one of the first steps of erotic foreplay. Gently caressing the skin can be relaxing to begin with and get more intense and arousing as you go along. For example, you can try giving your partner a happy ending massage. Kissing is one of the basic elements of any carnal relationship. Kisses can be soft and tender or passionate and intense. Don’t limit yourself to your partner’s mouth—consider kissing their neck, ears, stomach, breasts and behind for a plethora of delightful sensations. Explore your partner’s body and stimulate their senses. Create a sense of building anticipation that makes your partner long for your touch.

2. Get creative with role-play and sex toys

Role-playing can be a fun and creative way to spice up foreplay. You can explore different fantasies and scenarios, putting on a sexy outfit and assuming the role of a femme fatale or taking care of each other’s needs as a doctor and nurse. You can also perform a striptease or get creative with restraints and practice some Shibari. Using sex toys is another great way to enhance your foreplay. Try using a vibrator, Ben Wa balls, handcuffs, feathers or massage oil to explore new sensations. Find out what turns your partner on the most and discover new ways to stimulate each other’s senses through erotic games and practices.

3. Oral stimulation

Oral stimulation is the act that most closely resembles intercourse. It’s called fellatio when performed on a man and cunnilingus when performed on a woman. Oral sex can be an important part of foreplay for many couples, providing opportunities to stimulate the most sensitive erogenous zones and heighten arousal. Note that oral sex can also be used to attain climax without the additional step of penetration.

Good foreplay for men and women

Foreplay is an aspect of sexual relationships that shouldn’t be neglected. The ideas that foreplay is just for women, that men don’t need it and that it’s just for the young are preconceived notions that should be put to bed.

Is foreplay just for women?

Foreplay is often considered to be mainly for the woman’s pleasure, because it tends to take women a little longer to achieve arousal and get in the mood. However, men can benefit from it as well! When it comes to foreplay for women, their breasts, ears, neck, lower abdomen and between their legs are prime spots for evoking pleasure. Needless to say, the genital areas are particularly sensitive to touch and are usually a source of strong arousal in women. Another popular practice you can try if your partner consents is cunnilingus. Giving oral attention to your partner’s most intimate areas can help her reach orgasm. Don’t hesitate to change things up and try different positions or even BDSM practices for more varied pleasure!

Foreplay for men

We tend to think that men don’t enjoy foreplay as much as women, but that’s not necessarily the case. While some men prefer the final act, there is plenty of pleasure to be found in taking your time and enjoying the building sexual tension. Another common misconception is that the only important erogenous zones for men are their genitals. There are other areas that deserve attention too! First of all, kisses and touches aren’t just for women—men can enjoy them as well. Focus your attention on their nipples, stomach and between their legs. You can also titillate their senses by repeatedly approaching their genitals without quite touching them. The anticipation will drive your partner wild! Last but not least, fellatio is sure to have a powerful effect on your man.

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Generally speaking, foreplay is the buildup that leads to the act of sex. Whether it’s tender or rough, foreplay is sure to turn up the heat and get your partner going. The most effective erotic foreplay satisfies desire bit by bit while continuing to mount the tension. You don’t need to approach foreplay worried about your performance or with a specific goal in mind—the most important thing is to have fun together. Make the most of the moment to stimulate your partner’s sexual appetite and indulge in the sensual experience. Don’t forget to use the proper protection, communicate with your partner and use lubricant for safe, consensual foreplay.