What is a happy ending massage ?

Happy enging massage
When talking about erotic massages, happy ending massages often spring to mind. Many salons offer this service at the end of a session if the masseuse is comfortable with it. Read on if you’re wondering what exactly a happy ending massage is, who it’s for and how to access this service!

What is a happy ending massage like?

In reality, a happy ending massage is not that different from a traditional massage. It’s usually found in salons offering the following types of massage: This service is most often complementary to a traditional massage and can be offered by a masseuse for a tip. Most happy ending massage parlours do not advertise this service, but you can always ask the front desk clerk if it is possible to talk to a girl who offers it. To receive a happy ending massage, book yourself in for a massage as usual and see if your masseuse offers any additional services or wait until the end of your session and ask.

Who are happy ending massages for?

Contrary to the belief that older men, both single and married, enjoy going to a happy ending salon after work, the type of clientele for this service is becoming more and more varied. These days, people are more in tune with their sexuality and the stigma around happy ending massages is starting to disappear. The customers opting for this erotic massage service vary significantly in age and there are many more female customers.

Benefits of happy ending massage

There are many reasons why people wish to get a happy ending massage. The orgasm received at the end of the session has many health and well-being benefits:
  • Relives tension
  • Boosts your mood
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Lowers blood pressure

How much does a happy ending massage cost?

The price of a happy ending massage can vary. Some girls will let you quote whatever you want and use that as a basis for negotiation. Other masseuses have a personal price list that they will offer you. If you want to get a happy ending massage, the most important thing is to clarify from the offset what exactly “happy ending” includes and what things are and aren’t permitted. A moment of awkwardness or confusion during the massage can be particularly unpleasant, for both the client and the masseuse. Some clients think that because masseuses are mostly paid by tips, they are obliged to accept any request or price. It goes without saying that you must respect your masseuse. Their consent is more important than the money you offer.