Massage parlour etiquette: how should you behave?

If you have not yet had the pleasure of being handled by an erotic masseuse, but are strongly considering it, there are probably a lot of questions running through your head. To help you have the best possible experience at our massage parlour, we will go into detail about what to expect. In the following article, we will explain how best to behave during your next erotic massage. This will help you get the most out of your massage session.

Communicate with your masseuse

As soon as you arrive at our erotic massage parlour, you will quickly feel at home. At Massage Adagio, we make sure to give you a warm welcome and immediately put you at ease. The secret to enjoying your experience is to feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. Our masseuses are experts in this field and will take good care of you! Since it’s all about making a good connection, if for any reason you don’t feel comfortable with your masseuse, it’s very important to mention this at the beginning. After all, you are there to have a good time and it is quite normal to feel less comfortable with certain people. Nevertheless, we feel that all our fabulous masseuses have all the necessary skills to make you feel comfortable from beginning to end..

Have good personal hygiene

The second unspoken rule to follow when getting an erotic massage is to have good personal hygiene. You are going to be in close contact with your masseuse during the length of your massage. Presenting yourself as clean and tidy as possible is the least she deserves. Therefore, before you arrive at our massage parlour, make sure you’ve showered first. If you don’t have enough time to shower at home beforehand, note that all our massage rooms have showers you can use.

Use the products provided by your masseuse

Unless you have a severe allergy or intolerance to certain ingredients found in massage oil, refrain from bringing your own products. At Massage Adagio, we use top quality massage oils that we are proud to share with you. We are 100% sure that you’ll like them, so there’s no reason to bring yours along too.

Bad massage parlour etiquette

As things get intense on the massage table, make sure you control your actions and words. Once again, your masseuse deserves all your respect, and it is important to communicate with her in a polite and kind manner. Here are a few behaviors that could ruin the relationship between you and your masseuse:
  • Staring and insisting
  • Unwanted, unsolicited compliments
  • Unwanted, unsolicited physical contact

Should I leave a tip after an erotic massage?

Just like when you treat yourself to a massage at a spa or other health care facility, we suggest that you give your masseuse a substantial tip once your experience is complete. Most clients tip between 15% and 20%, although some clients may be more generous.

Be on your best behaviour during your massage to benefit from the ultimate sensual experience

After reading this article, you should know a little more about how to behave during an erotic massage. We hope you enjoy putting these few tips into practice the next time you book a massage with us. For more information about erotic massages, feel free to read our articles on lingam and tantric massages. Alternatively, get in touch by completing our contact form. We hope to see you at our erotic massage parlour soon.