Essential reading for someone booking an hostesses for the first time, please find below answers to our most common questions.
Massage Adagio Hostesses
Unfortunately, we are not able to do so. Discretion is key and we believe respect and privacy go both ways. Please rest assured that we meticulously choose the girls who represent us.
Yes. We try our best to take pictures of all our girls within their first 15 days. Photos are updated regularly.
Yes it is. You can arrange it by calling us to book the rooms and girls of your choice.
Our ladies love to take care of their men, and have high standards when it comes to personal care and hygiene. We ask that you extend the same courtesy to them and have an envelope ready with the requested donation for the amazing massage you are about to receive. This allows for a smooth process when it’s time to tip your the lady. If you prefer to, you can also bring her flowers. You will feel the difference at the end.
No. We are a massage parlour and not an escort agency, all of our ladies work in our facility only.
Yes. You simply have to call the salon and the receptionist will make sure to welcome you by our back door entrance.

No. But we do keep your Adagio’s nickname for promotional purposes.

However should a client violate the terms and conditions of an encounter with our ladies, we will keep that client’s information on our blacklist. That client will no longer be welcome to book or visit us.

Yes. We love getting positive reviews about your experience at our salon. However, if we were unable to deliver the quality you expected, we highly suggest you send us an email directly: adagio3411@outlook.com. This will give us a better understanding of what happened and we will then be able to correct the situation with you. We want to ensure that everyone who leaves the salon is thoroughly pleased.
We accept cash and bitcoins. We also have an ATM machine in the establishment.
No. The fees on our Rates page are only for the room rental. You will also need to prepare a gift for the lady giving you the massage service. This should be discussed with the lady in private.
We offer only 30 to 45 minutes massage after 11pm on week ends, since its more crowded its the only way to share this experience with every customers.