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How to explain that you are attracted to older women

Pop culture often portrays couples with the man being older than his partner. However, the desire to be with someone ...
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What are the best meeting places for LGBTQ women in Montreal?

As an LGBTQ woman in Montreal, you may find it difficult to discover the best places to meet lesbian women ...
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How to treat yourself to an unforgettable sexcapade

The first few months of a relationship are always very exciting and filled with passion. This is when you learn ...
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Sexting to improve your romantic relationship

Has your relationship gotten a little dull? You may love your partner, but it is normal for the flame of ...
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Why a massage is a great gift idea for men

Are you looking for a creative gift idea to offer your friend, brother or cousin? Have you thought of offering ...
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10 Women’s Secrets on How to Reach Female Orgasm

Reaching orgasm is not easy for all women. Some women may not even experience their first orgasm until several years ...
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4 erotic audio stories to arouse your senses

Looking for new and exciting ways to stimulate your sexual desires? Erotic audio stories and podcasts are more popular than ...
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What is the difference between sexuality and eroticism?

Sexuality and eroticism are fairly complex concepts. Is there any way to define them? Are they synonymous terms, or are ...
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What is an Esalen massage?

Are you familiar with the Esalen massage, a technique derived from the Swedish massage? Developed in California in the 1960s, ...
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massages tantriques pour les couples

The 3 benefits of tantric massages for couples

Tantric massage can be a very satisfying and above all beneficial experience for couples. Performed in an intimate setting, tantric ...
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