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5 erotic challenges for couples

Want ideas for a steamy evening to shake up your routine? Here are 5 erotic challenges for couples to try ...
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Is swinging right for you?

Sometimes, life as a couple can get a little monotonous. That’s not bad or abnormal. It’s actually a sign that ...
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Our 5 favourite erotic stories

Erotic movies and sensual music are well-known ways to get in the mood for romance. But book lovers will be ...
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What are the most popular erotic games for adults?

Looking for a fun way to shake up your sex life with your partner? Why not try an erotic game ...
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5 tips to boost your libido

Although it’s not often talked about, low libido in men happens more often than you think. Just like women, there ...
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Why do people have foot fetishes?

People who have a foot fetish or sexual fantasy are often a little embarrassed to talk about it. Over time, ...
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How to overcome love-shyness

Seduction can be stressful for some people. After all, approaching someone you don’t know and having a discussion with them ...
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How to rekindle a relationship and break out of a routine

Are you becoming a little too comfortable in your relationship? Having a routine is not necessarily a bad thing. It ...
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How to explain that you are attracted to older women

Pop culture often portrays couples with the man being older than his partner. However, the desire to be with someone ...
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What are the best meeting places for LGBTQ women in Montreal?

As an LGBTQ woman in Montreal, you may find it difficult to discover the best places to meet lesbian women ...
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