What are the erogenous zones for men?

It is no secret that women’s bodies are interspersed with erogenous zones. And most of us are quite familiar with them: the clitoris, the G spot, etc. However, did you know that the male body also contains several erogenous zones? To help you give your man (or yourself) as much pleasure as possible, we introduce you to some of them.

Erogenous zones for men: after the G-spot comes the F-spot

A frenulum is a small piece of organic tissue that prevents a part of the body from moving too far from its natural position. Your tongue has one. Lift it up and you’ll see it. A man’s penis also has one. It is the small piece of skin that prevents the foreskin from moving too far from the glans. Well, you’ll be glad to know this is a very erogenous zone. To stimulate your man’s frenulum and get him excited, gently slide your tongue on it when you practice oral sex, alternating between this area and the less sensitive part of the glans. As you will soon find out, your man will ascend to 7th heaven quite easily.

The excitement continues a little lower

Let’s leave the tip of the penis and go down a little lower to meet the prostate gland, our second erogenous zone. This part of the male anatomy, located in the anus about ¾ of the length of a finger, resembles a small ball when you touch it. This is home to a ton of nerve endings. It is the equivalent of the male G-spot (no less). Massaging the prostate can give a man a powerful orgasm. But since not all guys enjoy butt stuff, it’s better to discuss it together beforehand. If your gentleman accepts and you have the green light, use your finger to gently penetrate the area and stimulate his prostate. Guaranteed ecstasy.

The sacrum: host to very hot nerve endings

We now turn to the sacrum, the triangular bone located between the spine and the coccyx. There are many nerve endings in the sacrum that are linked to the genitals and stimulating the nerves in this area can easily trigger orgasm in men. To stimulate his arousal, lie your man down on his stomach and proceed with an erotic massage by gently tapping with the edge of your hand along his sacrum. This will trigger his parasympathetic nervous system, which is essential to relaxing, letting go and having an orgasm.

Exciting a man with his nipples

A man’s nipples are also an erogenous zone. To get him excited, start by stroking them around the areola and gently twisting his nipples with your fingers. Lick and suck them by continuously increasing the pressure while gently biting them. Nipples can be stretched and twisted with great effect. Use a pair of nipple clamps if it helps. Ice is also a good way to excite him, since the contraction of the nipples due to the cold increases the feeling of pleasure. While you’re at it, why not make him nibble on an aphrodisiac food to excite him even more?

You can’t miss the testicles

How can we talk about man’s erogenous zones without talking about his testicles? But it’s not the gentleman’s balls that we’re interested in here, it’s his scrotal raphe. In men, the scrotal raphe is the median line that separates the testicles. It gives the impression of a seam or a suture. For most men, gently stirring the tongue over this area creates a very (very) pleasant sensation.

Please a man by stimulating his erogenous zones

Men, like women, have several erogenous zones. Although we have only revealed a few of them, there are many others that we might share with you in a future article. In the meantime, take out your fingers, tongue and nipple clamps, take refuge in the bedroom with your man and give him sensations he may never have experienced before.

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