Choose an erotic massage with one of Massage Adagio’s new masseuses

Choosing to receive an erotic massage with a masseuse new to the salon team can bring a refreshing and exciting experience. Since each masseuse brings her own personal touch, it offers the chance to explore new dynamics and arouse heightened curiosity and excitement. And if the masseuse’s seniority isn’t a decisive criterion in your choice, you should know that you can also base your choice on other criteria such as nationality, age, physique or even interests and fantasies. 

For example, you can choose a dominant masseuse, a submissive girl, a tattooed woman, a masseuse open to naughty role-play, or a fun masseuse. And if you’d like to treat yourself to a sensual moment with your partner, we also offer sensual couple massages. At Massage Adagio, we aim to satisfy every desire with a wide range of sensual services and experiences.