How to Seduce Your Partner with a Strip Tease

Femme faisant un striptease
Are you starting to feel bored in your relationship and looking to spice it up? Fear not – Massage Adagio has all the answers! There are many ways to bring more passion into your relationship and get it back on track. Why not excite your partner by introducing role play, erotic massages, sex toys, or a seductive strip tease to the bedroom? Let your wild side run free! Massage Adagio explains how a sexy strip tease can put the spark back into a boring relationship and ramp up the heat!

How to spice up your relationship: the art of stripping

Are you a little apprehensive about exposing yourself or scared of looking like an idiot in front of your partner? Although strip teases involve taking off your clothes, remember the main reason behind them is to excite your lover. Focus all your energy on arousing them and any awkwardness will soon go away. Strip teases are often performed in nightclubs and are increasingly shown on TV in recent years, particularly in dating shows. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are seducing their partners with strip teases in the bedroom. The key is to be bold and confident and let your partner sit back and enjoy the show! Strip teases are about self-expression and acceptance of your sexuality. If you start to feel a little hesitant in the middle of your performance, don’t worry! The person in front of you will be so amazed that they won’t have even noticed. Let yourself go, be in the moment, and have fun with it!

How to perform a successful strip tease

There is nothing sexier than performing a strip tease. Whether you’re looking to turn up the heat with your partner or just want to push yourself out of your comfort zone, stripping down is the perfect way to do it. While it may seem intimidating at first, all you need is a little confidence and a spicy outfit.

Sexy underwear

When it comes to a strip tease, make sure to wear something that is both attractive and sophisticated. The most important thing is to opt for an outfit that makes you feel good and sexy. We recommend wearing something soft and sensual that is easy to take off. This is the perfect opportunity to get out your sexy lingerie that’s been hiding in the back of your drawer. We’re talking lace, garter suspenders, fishnet stockings and tights – the options are endless! Just make sure you choose materials that feel good to touch, and practice removing them before the special night. It’s not always easy to unhook a bra smoothly with one hand, but with a little practice, you’ll master this movement and be able to use it to arouse your partner.

Good staging

Set the mood with sultry music and dim lighting. Once you feel confident, it’s time to start taking off your clothes. Start by removing your top, and then gradually work your way down. Take your time with your strip tease and play around with each piece of clothing as you slip them off. When you’re ready to remove your skirt or pants, face away from your partner to create more excitement. We advise you to prepare your performance area well and consider how to incorporate your accessories to arouse your loved one. If you rehearse your strip tease beforehand, you’ll be sure to knock your partner’s socks off.

The different types of strip tease

Many people believe that undressing to music is an ancient art form. In fact, the beautiful strip tease performance was created by the sublime Moulin Rouge dancers. Nowadays, strip teases are performed all around the world and they have become a popular addition to date nights in.


Put on a show, dance, and make use of your accessories to arouse your partner. This is their chance to witness your playful, erotic side. Why not include a happy ending massage or sex toys in your performance to make the experience more pleasurable for your partner?

Lap dance

Made popular by many movies and TV series, lap dancing has become a very suggestive dance that can help you put on a superb show for your partner. All you need is a chair, a dancer and a spectator who is keen to get up close and personal. You are the main character in this performance. It’s up to you to make the most of it! Some people even use techniques such as Shibari to create even more tension with their partner.

Pole dance

When we imagine typical strippers, we often think about them dancing around a metal pole in very little clothing. Why not do something similar with your partner to turn up the heat? Pole dancing is a graceful type of dance that can excite your partner, as well as amaze them with a real aesthetic and physical performance. How about taking a few dance classes to impress your partner?

Which strip tease will you choose?

You don’t need to go out of your way to master any advanced choreography. The strip tease is an intuitive, erotic dance and a beautiful way to own your body. Channel your inner Kim Basinger or Magic Mike and impress your partner with a fiery dance, a seductive song, and a sexy outfit. If you are looking for other ways to spice up your relationship, visit our erotic massage parlour in Montreal. We offer all our clients an unforgettable experience!