5 massage oils and their benefits for the body

Nothing soothes the body and mind like a relaxing massage. A good massage not only unravels the knots in your muscles, but also makes the stress of life disappear in just a few minutes. Since a wide range of massage oils is available on the market, here is an overview of some products that are highly valued by massage therapists.

Almond oil: for a soothing massage

Widely used by massage therapists, almond oil is the first oil that catches our attention. Yellow and fragrance-free, it is also soft and low in fat. When applied to the hands, it allows your skin to gently slide against the other’s. Almond oil is therefore perfect for relieving sore muscles, itching and rashes.

Argan oil: perfect for relaxing your partner

Argan oil is widely used in spas for body massages. So it is only natural that it should be part of our list. This oil instantly softens the skin as soon as it is applied. To give your partner relaxation and a feeling of well-being, especially when it comes to an erotic massage, massage his skin with a little argan oil. You will see his ecstasy skyrocket.

Olive oil: more than just a staple of Mediterranean cuisine

Although it may seem strange, olive oil is commonly used for light massages. No wonder then that it is central to the Swedish massage. This oil is also an excellent way to relieve sprains, swelling and muscle aches and pains. Olive oil also promotes blood circulation and, by the same token, energizes the entire body.

Coconut oil: dispelling preconceived notions

Many people think that coconut oil is dense and fatty, but this is not the case. It is rather light, non-greasy and quickly absorbed by the skin. When it comes to massages that involve short movements, it dethrones all the others. It is also particularly well suited for intensive massages, Shiatsu and reflexology.

Avocado oil: stimulate skin relaxation and youthfulness

Avocado, which is also an aphrodisiac food, also makes an excellent massage oil. Fairly heavy and with a dark green hue, this oil is often mixed with other, lighter oils before the massage. If you are allergic to latex, stay away from it, since it contains some. Its vitamins and nutrients have anti-inflammatory effects and fight wrinkles and stretch marks while stimulating collagen production.

Use massage oils to indulge in a moment of ecstasy

For an incredible massage experience, choose any of the oils listed above and enjoy a moment of guaranteed ecstasy. You can even add essential oils to enhance the sensations. And if you ever want to offer yourself one of the best massages in town, contact us.