The 7 Best Accessories to Use During an Erotic Massage

Erotic massage is much more than just a sexual practice. It’s an intimate experience that allows you to explore your own body and your partner’s in a different way. In addition to being titillating, erotic massage can be used to help boost libido in couples who have fallen into a sexual rut. Oil, candles, lingerie and handcuffs are just a few of the accessories that can make erotic massage even more arousing. Find out more in this article!

Incense to create a fragrant atmosphere

Creating a sensual ambiance is a great way to start an erotic massage. One way to set the scene is by stimulating the senses with incense. Incense gives off a powerful, fragrant scent that bathes the room in a sensual, erotic atmosphere. Incense comes in a variety of fragrances, each of which has its own unique properties. You could opt for sandalwood, which awakens the senses, or lavender, which induces relaxation and calm. Stress needs to be cleansed from the body in order to fully enjoy erotic massage, so lavender is a good option for those who have a lot on their mind. You can enhance the ambiance even more by playing music during the erotic massage.

Massage oil to stimulate the skin

Once you have set the mood, you can begin the erotic massage. Start by rubbing oil on your partner’s body until their skin is smooth and silky. Don’t just use any old oil for your erotic massage. There are oils that are made specifically for the purpose, but you can also make your own aphrodisiac massage oil at home. If you decide to make your own oil, you may also want to prepare in advance by learning how to give a great sensual massage.

Massage candles to heat things up

Massage candles are great erotic massage accessories that often contain aphrodisiac ingredients. Commonly used in erotic massage parlours, massage candles relax the muscles, relieve stress and ease the fatigue that accumulates over the course of the day. Let the candle burn for about 20 minutes, then pour the oil gently onto your partner’s body. Use stimulating, sensual movements to rub the oil into their skin. Take time before your erotic massage to decide between massage candles and oil.

A blindfold to add mystery

The accessories above are used to stimulate the senses, but did you know that you can increase the intensity of the massage by eliminating the sense of sight? Sight is the sense we use the most often to perceive our environment. By blindfolding your partner, you’ll force them to focus on their other senses. This will heighten their sensitivity to your touch and increase their pleasure immensely. The blindfold may be a simple accessory, but it is very effective at escalating intensity.

Sexy lingerie to build temptation

Wearing sexy lingerie is a very effective way to arouse your partner during erotic massage. Just choose lingerie that gives you confidence, and you’ll be sure to dazzle your partner. You can even match your outfit to the room where the fun will take place for a truly put-together look.

Ben Wa balls to strengthen arousal

Ben Wa balls are often used to strengthen the pelvic floor after childbirth, but they can also be used for pleasure. Note that Ben Wa balls should not be used for long periods of time, as they can cause vaginal pain and soreness. Try inserting the Ben Wa balls for about 10 minutes at the start of the erotic massage. They will stimulate the vaginal muscles and erogenous zones, eliciting pleasure and arousal.

Handcuffs to inspire the imagination

Handcuffs are extremely popular erotic accessories. Many people enjoy the sensation of being captive and beholden to their partner’s every whim. Particularly when paired with a blindfold, handcuffs can exert a powerful pull on the imagination. Our hostess Angelina particularly enjoys using handcuffs Note that the classic handcuffs that resemble those used by law enforcement aren’t actually the safest to use. Consider investing in wide, padded cuffs that won’t hurt your partner’s wrists.

What accessories will you choose for your erotic massage?

As you can see, there are a wide variety of accessories you can use to spice up your erotic massage and breathe new life into your routine. Several of these accessories are used at our  . Book your massage session today for a sensual, intimate experience that will really hit the spot!