10 Women’s Secrets on How to Reach Female Orgasm

Reaching orgasm is not easy for all women. Some women may not even experience their first orgasm until several years after becoming sexually active. Are you experiencing this? In an effort to help you find more pleasure in your relationships, here are 10 proven secrets from women on how to reach female orgasm.

1. Learn which positions give you the most sensation

Body position plays a big role in reaching female orgasm. A comfortable position that allows a woman to be caressed as she desires is ideal for her to experience as many physical sensations as possible. In fact, 2/3 of women say that stimulation of the clitoris, either by themselves or with a partner, is essential for reaching orgasm.

2. Relax and let go

Another secret to reaching orgasm is to completely free your mind so that you can relax and let go of the stress and worries of everyday life. Perhaps your partner could give you an erotic massage by candlelight to help you relax. This will get both your body and mind primed for that special moment.

3. Focus on your own pleasure

It’s normal to want your partner to have fun. All the same, your pleasure is just as important as his. Focus on the things that excite you and worry less about your partner’s arousal. After all, the simple fact that you are having more pleasure will only increase his excitement!

4. Make love often to better reach orgasm

Practice makes perfect in any discipline… including reaching orgasm! Making love often helps you get to know your body and desires better and will ultimately help you find what excites you the most.

5. Contract the perineal muscles

The perineum, the muscle between the vagina and the anus, is responsible for bringing a woman to orgasm. When it contracts, the perineum can facilitate, intensify or even prolong an orgasm. Many women say that they deliberately contract this muscle to make it easier for them to reach orgasm.

6. Move in sync with your partner

Another technique that may help you reach orgasm is to synchronize your movements with those of your partner. This trick, used by 3 out of 4 women, helps you to better connect with your partner and share the same rhythm with him.

7. Communicating your needs is key to reaching orgasm

Even if your partner knows you well, he is unlikely to be able to guess exactly what your needs are. Be confident and tell him what you want. Communicating your needs and desires will lead to a more intimate and enjoyable relationship.

8. Never underestimate the importance of foreplay

Sexual pleasure doesn’t come all at once. You have to work before intercourse to reach a higher level of excitement and put yourself in a sexual mood. Foreplay is a good way to do this. The more aroused you are at the beginning of the session, the easier it will be to reach orgasm.

9. Fantasize during sex

50% of women who experience orgasm during the act imagine erotic scenarios and sexual fantasies to stimulate their own arousal. You are free to share this fantasy with your partner or keep it to yourself!

10. Think about feelings for your partner

Many women succeed in intensifying their sexual pleasure and reaching orgasm simply by thinking about their feelings for their partner. Look him in the eye and conjure up romance in your sexual relationships.

Want to have an erotic experience that will really make you let go?

There you have it, you now have several tricks to help you reach orgasm or even make your partner reach it. We hope that these tips will help you experience an unforgettable moment of pleasure! If you really want to have an erotic experience that you won’t soon forget, make an appointment at Massage Adagio. Our sophisticated ladies will know how to seduce you and offer you an erotic moment that lives up to your expectations.