Karezza: the art of orgasm-free lovemaking

Experience the bliss of carnal pleasure without the traditional focus on orgasm. Explore the world of Karezza, an enticing and unconventional approach to intimacy that prioritizes emotional connection. Our Montreal massage parlour guides you through this sensual practice, revealing its ability to go beyond fleeting pleasure and provide a truly fulfilling and nourishing connection.

Principles of the Karezza method

Originating from ancestral spiritual roots, Karezza has become established in modern times thanks to the visionary work of gynecologist Alice Bunker Stockham and her groundbreaking 1903 book, “Karezza: The Ethics of Marriage”. The term “Karezza”, derived from the Italian word “carezza” which means “caress”, encapsulates the philosophy of this method. Centered around caresses, it cultivates a profound bond between partners. By surpassing mere physical pleasure, it prioritizes emotional closeness and complete presence. Karezza introduces fresh perspectives for rekindling relationships and exploring alternative avenues of pleasure. It redefines sexuality through love, tenderness, and complete presence, providing an alternative approach to intimate connections.

Difference between Karezza and coitus reservatus

Karezza and coitus reservatus can be differentiated just like sexuality and eroticism. While both practices involve engaging in erotic play, there are distinct differences between them. Coitus reservatus entails the penetrating partner delaying their orgasm while stimulating their partner to reach climax. On the other hand, Karezza takes a step further by completely excluding orgasm from the sexual experience.

Benefits of the Karezza method

The Karezza method offers many benefits that go beyond traditional sexual satisfaction and instead stimulate your partner’s sexual appetite. Here are just a few of the benefits:
  1. Broadening pleasures: By detaching themselves from the goal of orgasm, partners can fully concentrate on sensations and emotional connections, opening the door to new sensory experiences and greater overall satisfaction.
  2. Reinforced affection through prolonged intimacy, caresses, kisses and cuddles. These gestures stimulate the production of oxytocin (also known as the love or cuddle hormone), a neurotransmitter that promotes feelings of connection and love.
  3. Harmony in the relationship: Partners can synchronize and connect more deeply. By being fully present and in tune in their sexual relationship, this harmony also spreads to other aspects of their daily lives.
  4. Spirituality and sexuality: It enables individuals to reconcile their sexuality with their spiritual dimension, offering a path of reconciliation and integration for those who have been brought up to separate these two aspects of life.
  5. Accessible to all: The Karezza method is an inclusive and accessible sexual approach. By focusing on caressing and embracing rather than penetration, Karezza offers a sensual and satisfying alternative.
By adopting the Karezza method, partners can experience a deeper sexuality, imbued with tenderness, emotional intimacy and expanded pleasure. This practice opens up new dimensions in the couple’s relationship, helping to cultivate a deeper, longer-lasting connection.

How to make love differently: the Karezza method

The Karezza method offers an alternative and enriching approach to sexuality, emphasizing emotional connection, tenderness and mutual satisfaction rather than orgasm. By practicing Karezza, partners are invited to explore new dimensions of intimacy, creating a space where gentleness, total presence and deep connection are at the heart of every loving experience. Here are some tips on how to combine sensual massages and subjective caresses in harmony!

1. Creating a sensual and intentional space

When engaging in the Karezza method, it is important to create an intimate and romantic setting. Select a location where you feel comfortable and establish a cozy ambiance with the use of candles, choose sexy outfits, play gentle music, and incorporate other elements that heighten your senses. Minimize distractions by turning off phones and focusing solely on each other. Be fully present, dedicating your undivided attention to your partner and releasing yourself from everyday concerns. By cultivating a sensual and intentional space, you will set the stage for a Karezza encounter filled with emotional closeness. Prepare yourself to delve into a profound and meaningful journey of love.

2. Start slowly and sensually

To practice the Karezza method, begin by engaging in slow and sensual foreplay. Follow no strict guidelines, simply indulge in caresses and cuddles. Embrace one another closely, silently gazing into each other’s eyes, exchanging smiles, and syncing your breathing. Take your time to spoil your partner with a sensual massage, using gentle movements to explore their entire body, including the erogenous zones. Utilize your hands, feathers, or other pleasurable objects to heighten the senses and strengthen the physical and emotional bond between you both. These foreplay stages do not necessitate a climactic ending; instead, they focus on the present moment and the emotions experienced. This is an ideal technique for rediscovering your partner’s body, appreciating their curves and the softness of their skin, all while awakening the desires of both partners.

3. Communication: the key to increased consensual pleasure

Maintain open communication with your partner during the session. Express your desires, limits, and preferences while listening carefully to your partner’s wishes. Be receptive to their indications to guide and maximize mutual pleasure. Talking about your fantasies and giving positive feedback helps build trust and better understand each other’s expectations for a fulfilling experience. When practicing the Karezza method, express your love and compliment your partner to strengthen the emotional connection and intimacy. Appreciate their physical beauty, share sincere emotions, and listen attentively. Open communication and the expression of love build trust and complicity, strengthening your relationship.

Reinvent your sexuality with patience and passion

The Karezza method highlights the significance of patience in the realm of sexuality and intimacy. This sustainable approach necessitates a loving, kind, and patient demeanor towards oneself. Practicing patience in Karezza allows for a deeper connection and intimacy to flourish between partners. By embracing patience, individuals can unlock a more fulfilling sexual and emotional journey, where pleasure and satisfaction are found in the process rather than the final destination. Karezza serves as a reminder to cultivate patience, love, and kindness towards ourselves in our intimate lives, fostering moments of profound intimacy and shared personal development.

Dare to have an extraordinary sexual experience for a fulfilling relationship

Karezza offers a conscious sexual experience focused on emotional connection. It encourages mutual presence, touch and intimate communication, strengthening trust and the bond of love. The absence of orgasm as a primary goal allows for greater freedom and relaxation, fostering a fulfilling and lasting relationship. Practicing Karezza invites us to discover a new dimension of intimacy and sensuality, strengthening couples’ emotional bond and complicity. This unique approach encourages deep connection and the sharing of unconditional love. By exploring the art of Karezza, open yourself up to a new way of experiencing your sexuality. Contact Massage Adagio to discover the unique experience of an erotic massage that takes you on a sensual journey, and experience a deeper, more fulfilling intimacy.