5 female sexual fantasies

It is quite normal to let one’s imagination venture towards desires that are… secret. For many reasons, sexual fantasy and what comes from it have long been taboo. Criticized for years, you should know that it is more and more democratized to talk about it. Are you eager to know more about it? Without further ado, here are 5 most common sexual fantasies among women.

Sexual fantasies are completely normal

Exploring your sexual fantasies and hoping to fulfill them is completely normal. It’s even very healthy. Many people experience guilt about their fantasies. This is unfortunate because they not only stimulate female desire, but also help fight frustration. Therefore, entertaining secret desires and imagining erotic or sexual scenarios are a source of pleasure that should not be denied. The beauty of fantasies lies in their variety. Imagining receiving an erotic massage, visualizing a group sexual experience or thinking about role-playing are examples of recurring fantasies.

Female fantasy: what do women like in bed?

It is notable to mention that fantasy in men is quite similar to that of women. Although men are more likely to fantasize about past sexual experiences and women about never experienced sexual encounters, it is noticeable that several fantasies are shared among both sexes. Among these, domination and sexual submission are the most common fantasies for both men and women.

1. Domination

Popularized by the famous trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, the fantasy of submission represents for the woman an exciting thought more than a real desire. As for the man, he will have more tendency to make his sexual fantasy a reality. This fantasy has the advantage of spicing up your life as a couple and changing the routine, what could be better than realizing your most unavowed desires in bed? Fantasies can undoubtedly add spice and novelty to the sexual imagination. Plus, as long as the fantasy is shared with your partner, it can be very enjoyable. Therefore, do not hesitate to propose small games, offer to tie your partner, make a striptease or even initiate a happy ending massage.

2. Have sex in public

What could be more exciting than the possibility of being caught in the act? It adds exquisite stress to the situation of what to raise the temperature and tension between your partner and yourself. We agree, it is not at all about making love in front of a crowd of spectators, but rather to be in unusual places where people could surprise you during a little leg in the air. Here it’s the lure of the forbidden that gets the libido going. For example, the back seats of your car will do very well or the romantic scene on the white sand beach. Be careful, however, to make sure that there are not a huge number of people we are not looking for exhibitionism.

3. Make love with a woman

Who better than another woman to indulge your most secret desires and fantasies! Thus, whether it is during a threesome or simply during a bisexual or even lesbian experience, sharing a tender moment with a person of the same sex is a source of several fantasies for women. What’s more, this sexual fantasy, often for one night, can allow you to discover an inclination that you were unaware of until now. Letting your imagination run wild is the perfect time to make use of your most beautiful sex toys!

4. Make love with a stranger

We can’t count the number of times we’ve dreamed of having sex with a stranger! The stranger, the handsome dark-haired guy with the dark eyes that you met at a party, etc. The female and male fantasy of sleeping with a perfect stranger is well known. The surprise effect that ends up in the hotel room, the excitement in front of a neighbor (or a neighbor) in the famous elevator that can be found in any series or romantic movie. Note however that it remains an erotic fantasy that is still difficult to realize since it is necessary to respect the consent of your partner. Another female fantasy: sleeping with a celebrity. George Clooney, Margot Robbie, or even more recently Timothée Chalamet, these stars often trigger an unusual excitement that makes more than one woman fantasize.

5. Infidelity: a sexual fantasy not very assumed

Very little appreciated in general by the couple, since it represents the breakup, deception and lying, it is nevertheless a fantasy very appreciated by women. The need for recognition in the eyes of others, the valuation that it brings you is a real amplifier of libido. It stimulates both the sexual appetite of our beautiful ladies but amplifies their libido and their sex appeal. Not so bad for a rather taboo fantasy. On the other hand, if you have the consent of your partner, you should know that swinging can be an important solution. Imagining your other half in the company of another partner can be a way to stimulate your woman while experiencing new things!

Discover the fantasy and learn to express yourself

As you will have understood, fantasy is common, even paramount, in certain situations. It is used to express your deepest desires and to stir up your desires. Not only do they provide an escape from reality, but they also offer the chance to try new erotic experiences. The experts at Adagio Massage guarantee you a service that meets your expectations. So, if you want to realize your fantasies, we invite you to visit us to enjoy a moment in good company and in an intimate environment. Contact us to book your massage session without further delay. We look forward to seeing you!