What are the most popular erotic games for adults?

Looking for a fun way to shake up your sex life with your partner? Why not try an erotic game for adults to spice up your evening? Here are 5 of the best adult board games for provocative and sensual entertainment!

1. Erotic role-playing games

One of the best ways to make a night out spicy is to role play with your partner. Sexy nurse or schoolteacher, the only limit is your imagination. Adult role-playing games are particularly effective, very easy to perform and will allow you to fulfill your fantasies. For a successful erotic game for couples, leave room for improvisation. You will spend a naughty evening that you will remember!

2. Sexy massage session

The erotic massage or the best way to start or end a naughty evening between adults! Performing a sensual massage for your partner will make you feel special in his eyes, due to the excitement you will transmit to him. You can inquire about a good sensual massage or directly make an appointment for your couple in an erotic massage parlour in Montreal!

3. Sex board games

Want to rekindle your relationship and break out of your routine? Place your pleasure in the hands of fate with Spicy Dice. This erotic board game is no doubt popular due to its sheer simplicity. The game consists of three dice: two eight-sided dice, one with actions, another with body parts, and one six-sided die with locations. To play, simply roll the two eight-sided dice to select your foreplay (ex: caress the neck and ears). Players may only do the deed once both eight-sided dice land on “SEX.” Then, roll the last die to determine where the lovemaking will take place (bedroom, kitchen, etc.).

4. Long-distance adult sex play

If you are in a long-distance relationship or not living with your partner, there is no problem! Sex toy manufacturers have thought of everything. There are now toys that can be controlled remotely. This allows partners to share pleasure and intimacy even when they are miles apart. Other toys for couples that can be controlled remotely are “hands free”.

5. Truth or dare: adult version

The truth or dare app is a naughty game for couples that is available on Android and iOS. Choose from four categories (soft, hot, hard or extreme) for confessions and acts that will spice up your evening.

What fun erotic games for couples will you try?

There you have it! Those are the top 5 most popular erotic board games for couples and adults. Reignite the passion in your relationship with one of these stimulating activities! Do you go more for role play than board games? Another way to spice up your date night is by booking an erotic massage with one of our hostesses, who will make your role play fantasies a reality!