What are the most popular erotic games for adults?

Looking for a fun way to shake up your sex life with your partner? Why not try an erotic game for adults to spice up your evening? Here are 4 popular adult board games for provocative and sensual entertainment!

1. EROTIXXX: erotic challenges to spice up your sex life

Test your endurance with EROTIXXX. The goal of this erotic game for adults is to reach the last square on the board before your partner and discover the ultimate satisfaction! Try to control the temptation to climax as you perform various erotic challenges, each more exciting than the last. The game contains several categories of challenge cards (Preliminary, Mystery, Erotixxx) and a blindfold, everything you need to spice up your relationship!

2. Sexy Menu: win tantalizing sexual favours

As stimulating as it is entertaining, Sexy Menu is an adult board game for couples who are looking for new and tantalizing experiences. The goal of the game? Collect Sexy-Points that you can use to order your favourite item off the Sexy Menu. Throughout the game, perform erotic challenges and demonstrate your artistic talents to earn points. At the end of the game, use your points to claim a feast prepared by your other half, a romantic bubble bath or a sensual erotic massage.

3. Spicy dice: let fate decide your evening

Want to rekindle your relationship and break out of your routine? Place your pleasure in the hands of fate with Spicy Dice. This sexy game is no doubt popular due to its sheer simplicity. The game consists of three dice: two eight-sided dice, one with actions, another with body parts, and one six-sided die with locations. To play, simply roll the two eight-sided dice to select your foreplay (ex: caress the neck and ears). Players may only do the deed once both eight-sided dice land on “SEX.” Then, roll the last die to determine where the lovemaking will take place (bedroom, kitchen, etc.).

4. Truth or dare: adult version

The truth or dare app is a naughty game for couples that is available on Android and iOS. Choose from four categories (soft, hot, hard or extreme) for confessions and acts that will spice up your evening.

A fun and original way to rekindle your relationship

There you have it! Those are the top four most popular erotic board games for couples. Reignite the passion in your relationship with one of these stimulating activities! Do you go more for role play than board games? Another way to spice up your date night is by booking an erotic massage with one of our hostesses, who will make your role play fantasies a reality!

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