How to give a great sensual massage

Sensual massage is perfect for people who are looking to spice up their relationship. If you master the art, you will be able to give your partner a unique, intense experience that they will never forget. If you want to become an expert in sensual massage, read on for tips from the best massage parlour in Montreal.

Preparation: an essential step for a great sensual massage

Sensual massage is a special, intimate experience that requires proper preparation.

Communicate with your partner

Every good relationship requires communication, and sensual massage is no different. Discuss your likes and dislikes with your partner, and listen to their preferences as well. Keep the lines of communication open throughout the massage. Take your partner’s feedback into account and adjust your technique accordingly.

Prepare your body beforehand

Before getting started, make sure your body is clean and your skin is soft for an ideal massage experience. Why not start by taking a bath with your partner? It’s a great way to get clean and start heating things up.

Create a sensual atmosphere

A sensual massage is about more than just physical contact. The ambiance you create is just as important. Prepare the room where the massage will take place by dimming the lights and lighting candles. Bonus points if they’re scented! You can also place towels on your bed or massage table to recreate the feel of a real massage parlour. The atmosphere will help get your partner in the mood.

Choose the right massage oil

Oil makes a massage even more seductive. We’ve already written a blog post dedicated to choosing the right massage oil, but here are the essentials:
  • There are many varieties of massage oil available in stores, so you can browse and choose a scent you like. You can also use oil that isn’t specifically made for massage. Coconut oil, hemp oil and sweet almond oil are great choices for massage.
  • Caution: some oils contain allergens, so check whether your partner has any allergies and be careful which massage oil you choose.
  • You can also make your own massage oil by adding essential oils of your choice, such as lavender or rosemary, to a vegetable oil base such as avocado oil or argan oil.

Ready, set, massage!

Now that everything is ready and the mood is set, it’s time for the most important part—the massage itself! So, how exactly does one give a great sensual massage?

Warm the oil between your hands

Before placing your hands on your partner, warm the massage oil between your hands to make sure it’s the right temperature. Simply pour some oil into your hands and rub them together gently. You should never pour cold oil directly on your partner’s body, because it can be startling and unpleasant. There’s no need to rub your hands together too long or too hard. It should be just enough to warm the oil to the temperature of your hands.

Start by applying pressure using your palms

There are a wide variety of techniques for giving a great erotic massage. We recommend using the palms of your hands to apply firm but gentle pressure on your partner’s muscles. Try to avoid putting pressure on the bones, which is not very relaxing or pleasant. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think about what you would like if you were in their place. Uses this strategy to guide your movements.

Use your thumbs to massage tension areas

A great massage will vary in pace and intensity. In addition to using your palms to massage your partner, you can also use your thumbs for more precise pressure in areas where there’s tension. Apply firm but gentle pressure with your thumbs and vary the intensity for maximum pleasure.

Use different parts of your body

Your hands aren’t the only parts of your body you can use to massage your partner. Try using your elbows, arms or even your chest to vary the pressure and feel of your massage. Don’t neglect the opportunities using different parts of your body can present, because your partner might find them particularly pleasurable. Some people may also enjoy the use of objects such as muscle rollers during their massage.

Don’t forget any parts of the body

The golden rule of erotic massage is to lavish attention on every part of your partner’s body—wrists, feet, fingers, elbows, ears, intimate areas… Everything is on the table, so to speak!

The steps of a great sensual massage

Start with the neck and shoulders

Massages generally start with the neck and shoulders. Rub your partner’s shoulders slowly and luxuriously, then move on to the lower part of the neck, proceeding more gently. Pay particular attention to the area between the neck and shoulders. Many people hold tension there and immensely enjoy having it rubbed.

Move down to the back

After you’re finished with the shoulders, it’s time to focus on the back! Work your way down towards your partner’s back, using slow, gentle motions. Massage with the palms of your hands, and use your thumbs when you need a little extra pressure. Avoid massaging directly on the spine—your partner may find it unpleasant.

Continue on to the legs

Once you’ve finished massaging the back, continue downwards and massage the back of the legs. Use firm pressure on the thighs as you descend, but be careful with the calves! Calf muscles are more sensitive and require a lighter touch.

End up at the feet

For many people, feet are a very erotic part of the body, so take your time massaging them. Rub every toe individually, and don’t forget the spaces in between! Finish off with the arch of the foot.

Work your way back up for the grand finale

Once you have massaged the length of your partner’s body, slowly work your way back up towards the head, rubbing all of the spots you worked on earlier (legs, back, shoulders, neck). Then, finish the massage by rubbing your partner’s neck and ears.

Master sensual massage with Massage Adagio

Follow our step by step instructions to become a master of sensual massage. Your partner will crave your expert touch! If you’d rather place your body and your partner’s in the hands of professionals, don’t hesitate to contact Massage Adagio and let them work their magic!