How to choose between a massage candle and massage oil?

Erotic massages create intoxicating sensory experiences. And when it comes to eroticism and massage, there are many ways to go about it. Some people swear by the use of massage oils, while others opt for an alternative product that is a little less well-known, but just as effective: the massage candle. If you want to give your significant other a good time, you may be wondering what to choose between a massage candle and massage oil. Let’s take a look at this hot topic.

Massage oil: a well-known and reliable product

Oils are essential for massage. They come in a variety of aromas and can be made up of various ingredients. Some oils are avocado or almond based while others are made with coconut and even argan. Massage oils come in liquid form and are ready to use. Depending on what you find most appealing, you can always add a variety of essential oils to it to give it a special scent. Using them is very simple: we open the bottle, pour some in our hands and go into action.

The massage candle for eroticism

If you want to offer a naughty massage to your loved one, you can also try another product: massage candles. A massage candle isn’t used to light a room like a traditional candle. Yes, you can light it to create a warm atmosphere for a few minutes, but afterwards, you extinguish it. Why is that? When the candle is lit, the wax melts and creates a massage oil. Since the melting point of this type of candle is lower than a normal candle, the oil becomes hot without causing burning. We then pour it into a plate or dip our clean fingers directly into it before rubbing it into our hands just before we massage our partner. If you want to give someone a kinky experience, but the use of sex toys is too intense at the moment, start with the massage candle. The candle will create a warm atmosphere and then you will just have to follow up with the carnal experience of the erotic massage. But like any candle, keep an eye on it while the flame is burning and place it on a stable surface.

Choose between a massage oil and massage candle for an intense erotic experience

So, which should you choose between a massage oil or massage candle? The biggest difference between the two is that the candle creates an atmosphere as it burns, whereas the oil does not. Using a candle is also an experience in itself, as it is still a little-known product. It therefore adds a wow factor to the erotic massage. There you have it! You are now better informed on the subject. To learn more about the world of erotic massages, visit the blog section of our website. And to have a good time in the hands of one of our lovely masseuses, book your massage now. Looking forward to welcoming you!