Our 5 favourite erotic stories

Erotic movies and sensual music are well-known ways to get in the mood for romance. But book lovers will be thrilled to know that there is a whole literary genre dedicated to eroticism and sexuality. There are a great number of erotic books and novels covering a wide variety of tastes. The Massage Adagio team presents 5 erotic books to broaden your sexual horizons and give you some inspiration.

1. The House by Cassie Alexander

the-house Remember choose-your-own-adventure books from childhood? The House by Cassie Alexander is a decidedly adult spin on the genre that gives you control of the story. This unique literary experience gives you the chance to explore different fantasies and get yourself in the mood for romance. Choose encounters with men, women, or multiple partners and unlock your deepest desires with this tantalizing tale. The choice is yours!

2. Multi-Orgasmic, a collection by Lucy Felthouse

multi-orgasmic Multi-Orgasmic is a collection of 21 short stories from award-winning author Lucy Felthouse. These tales feature a wide variety of fantasies for M/F erotica enthusiasts. Whether you’re into pegging, voyeurism or domination, you’re bound to find something you like within these pages! Take your time with these steamy stories to awaken your senses and your desire.

3. Sunstone by Stjepan Sejic

sunstone Sunstone is a webcomic series that is also available in several paperback volumes. This approachable tale explores lady love in the fetish world. With beautiful, seductive drawings and fun comedic elements, Sunstone is a comic that’s sure to please! The comic explores the complexity of BDSM relationships, identities and multiple facets of sexuality and eroticism. This naughty look at what happens when you fall in love with your play partner will undoubtedly arouse your imagination and stimulate your desire.

4. Stories to Make You Blush by Marie Gray

stories-to-make-you-blush A true classic of erotic literature, Stories to Make you Blush by Marie Gray is an essential read for anyone interested in the genre. These titillating short stories are as sexy as they are surprising. In this collection, Gray takes you on tantalizing adventures that are guaranteed to make you want to spice up your sex life. Naughty, sensual and funny, these tales paint a mischievous picture of the eroticism of everyday life.

5. Boys and Toys by Cara Lockwood

boys-and-toys A young woman raised by strict, religious Asian parents has a successful career selling sex toys. She’s determined to keep her home life and work life separate until a man who works for her father shows up at one of her sex toy parties. The hunky lawyer offers her a deal—he’ll keep her secret in exchange for a private toy party. She’s sorely tempted, but that means mixing the two lives she’s been trying very hard to keep separate… This Harlequin novel is a juicy romp recommended by Cosmo Red-Hot Reads.

A versatile literary genre to awaken your senses

There you have it! Those were the top 5 erotic stories recommended by our hostesses. Erotic literature is a rich and varied genre with something stimulating for everyone. Simply find a book that works for you to spice up your evening. For more hot tips, check out the blog section of our website. And if you’d like an unforgettable experience with one of our hostesses, book an erotic massage with us!  

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