What Do Your Sex Dreams Mean?

It’s hot. You’re shirtless and your belt’s unbuckled. In front of you: the woman of your dreams. Things are getting steamier… Wait, what’s that sound? No… anything but the alarm clock! Alas, it was only a dream! If you can relate, you’re not alone. Sex dreams are very common—more common than you might think. But what causes sex dreams and what do they mean? When are you more likely to have an erotic dream? We’ll explain everything below!

Most common sex dream scenarios and what they mean

Most people have had a sex dream at least once in their lives. When it comes to scenarios, the options are virtually endless. There are just as many possible meanings behind your sex dreams. That said, we’ve narrowed down the vast possibilities to the top 5 steamy scenarios. Keep reading to learn what the dreams are and what they mean!

1. Sex with a stranger

Dreaming of caressing, sensually massaging or making love to a stranger is one of the most common sex dream scenarios. However, a mystery person spicing up your slumber doesn’t necessarily represent a desire for a new partner. Generally, this kind of dream reflects a deep need for self-affirmation in everyday life.

2. Same-sex dreams

It might be confusing to have a bisexual or gay sex dream. Does kind of dream mean you should start questioning your sexual identity? Not necessarily. Same-sex dreams can certainly indicate a level of sexual curiosity, especially if it’s a reoccurring scenario. But often, this curiosity can be explained by the fact that your sex life is a bit dull at the moment. Your brain creates steamy dream scenarios to spark your libido!

3. Sex with an ex

Ah, yes…dreaming of sex with your ex. So common, and (usually) so unwanted! Why are you dreaming of spending the night with someone you haven’t been with for months or even years? Does this mean you still have feelings for your ex, even if you’re with someone else? Don’t worry, chances are slim that you’re still in love with them. Most of the time, this dream represents the excitement and desire you felt in the beginning of the relationship and may not have felt for a while. Your subconscious mind is using your dreams to remind you of these feelings. It’s also possible that entering a new relationship can cause you to dream about your ex. Strange as it may seem, new relationships bring plenty of “firsts” that you also experienced with your ex (first date, first kiss, etc.).This is one way your brain processes and understands these new feelings.

4. Sleeping with someone in public

Sometimes, the dream’s erotic appeal is less about the person and more about the place. If you dream about having sex in a public place, it often means that the place in question is important to you. Try to find the connection between your dream life and your real life. Dreaming of university? You may be overwhelmed by work or exams. Dreaming of making love at the office? It could be due to all the over-time you’ve taken on. It’s worth reflecting to better understand your subconscious.

5. Sex with a celebrity

Do you dream of spending an unforgettable evening with the Kim Kardashians or Megan Foxes of the world? Your brain has decided gift you this sexy scenario in your sleep! While it’s not quite real life, dreaming of sleeping with a celebrity is very common. Often, this dream is the manifestation of an actual sexual fantasy. But sometimes, it can represent something deeper. For example, have you had dreams about a famous musician? Perhaps you’re having a visceral reaction to the lyrics of their songs!

How to interpret recurring sex dreams

It’s completely normal to have an erotic dream from time to time. But what does it mean to have the same dream over and over, to the point where it’s upsetting you? If you’re plagued by a recurring sex dream, try to write down everything you can remember about it when you wake up. Journaling and recording your dreams can help you spot patterns and draw your own conclusions about what they mean. Frequent or recurring sex dreams means something different for everyone. It’s therefore up to you to decide what they represent.

What causes sex dreams?

The sex dream explanations that we’ve covered so far are all legitimate. But certain periods in life can up the likelihood and frequency of your erotic dreams. You may have more erotic dreams:
  • During pregnancy: It is normal for sex to be less frequent during pregnancy. Men therefore tend to compensate for this lack of sex in their dreams.
  • During adolescence: Adolescence is a time of major changes. Hormones, sexual arousal and development, self-discovery…the list goes on! There’s a reason the stereotype of sex-obsessed teens exists!
  • During a period of sexual frustration: Has it been a while since you’ve had sex? It’s totally normal for your brain to want to relieve that frustration with sexy scenarios!

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