What are the favorite fantasies of men?

Fantasme d'un homme
Fantasies are an integral part of men’s and women’s sex lives, but each of them has their own personal preferences and desires. Often classified as top secret, they don’t dare share them with you even though they play a vital role in stimulating their desire. In this article, we’ll explore men’s favorite fantasies, to better understand how they work and offer you an opportunity to hold all the cards.

Fantasy among men: more of a uniform or threesome?

Generous curves, femme fatale, uniforms of all kinds or voyeurism, we know all too well these supreme male fantasies. Ready to do anything to be able to touch their most unavowable fantasies, your men never stop redoubling their imagination. The objective of these fantasies is above all to break the routine and spice up the couple’s life by establishing a cell of trust between the partners who will finally be able to show themselves in their true colours. However, are you really sure you know all their fantasies?

1. The fantasy of the striptease

Who has never dreamed of seeing his or her partner do his or her most beautiful stripping session. Layer by layer, offer your man a choreography based on caressing and languorous movement on exciting musical background, what to hit the bull’s eye with your half? If you are looking for a way to excite your partner, a striptease will certainly have the desired effect. Thus, between seduction games and dimmed light do not hesitate to create a more suggestive atmosphere by offering your man an erotic massage.

2. The dress does not make the monk … not really!

It may be surprising to see how many men dream of finding their partner, a friend or even the pretty neighbor in a flirty negligee, a masculine shirt and in the best case, without underwear! The suggestion is de rigueur and let their minds run wild. Also, note that the uniform will be sure to catch the eyes and feed the imagination of these young beasts.

3. The fantasy of the dominatrix

Many men have a fantasy related to domination and submission. In this type of fantasy, the man feels as if he is losing control and surrendering to the whims of an authoritative woman, who makes decisions for him. Every man has dreamed of being tied to a bed to abandon himself to the torments and caresses of his partner. Shibari or simple handcuffing, do not hesitate to vary the pleasures. This can be manifested by erotic games where the woman plays a dominatrix, or by scenarios where the man finds himself bound and at the mercy of his partner. Conversely, the fantasy of the submissive woman is another type of fantasy for men. In this case, the man wants to dominate his partner and impose his desires on her. An advice, bet on your most beautiful lingeries and why not go as far as choosing a sextoy to stimulate the excitement of your partner.

4. Infidelity, an exquisite taboo!

Yes, infidelity is indeed another common fantasy among men. In this case, the man associates the fantasy of cheating with a desire to feel desired and valued by an outsider. Strangely enough, this allows some men to escape the routine of the couple or to spice up their sex life. Note that the taboo of infidelity manages to trigger excitement in men by stimulating their sexual appetite.

5. The fantasy of the orgy

The famous threesome turns into a real orgy. Your sweetheart has probably promised you that he only has eyes for you and this is surely true. However, you should know that he won’t deny himself certain thoughts and the orgy is one of his many fantasies. This male fantasy involves several people involved in a sexual relationship at the same time. It can be a group fantasy or even a swap fantasy, something to think outside the box and let loose completely.

6. Try your hand at swinging

After infidelity and orgy, it is certain that the fantasy of swinging totally has its place within this ranking. Sometimes a man wants to imagine his partner having sex with another person, or to exchange his own partner. Thus, trying swinging can be a way to think outside the box and experience new things.

7. Voyeurism

A true stimulant, voyeurism causes your man to feel a sense of power and excitement that you rarely get at home under your comforter. Surprise him and take your boyfriend to make love in unusual places, on the roof of a building or in a car. The idea is simple, but effective! Just avoid getting caught!

Adagio Massage introduces you to fantasy in men

In conclusion, fantasies are sexual desires that can vary from individual to individual. The most common fantasies in men include domination and submission, infidelity, orgy and submissive woman. These fantasies are often linked to desires for power, novelty and excitement. To address these, it’s important to talk openly with your partner and find solutions that work for both of you. By opting for a massage for two or by offering your man to discover erotic massage, you will be able to successfully fulfill your man’s fantasies. Adagio Massage invites you to discover our various services by contacting us today.