6 Fun Places to Have Sex: Make Your Love Life an Adventure!

Faire l'amour dans un ascenseur
Having sex with your partner can help ease tension, reduce stress and strengthen your bond. If you feel like your love life is becoming too routine, why not spice things up by doing the deed somewhere unexpected? It’s an adventure you and your partner can enjoy together, and the fear of being caught always makes things more exciting! In this article, discover 6 places to have sex that are decidedly out of the ordinary.

1. Have a naughty night at a hotel

A hotel may not strike you as a weird place to have sex. It has privacy, a bed… what makes it so different from making love at home? Well, many people think of hotels as places where lovers go to have illicit affairs. Why not role-play with your partner and go to a hotel to recreate that clandestine atmosphere? It’s a sexual fantasy that many people find exciting. If you want to make an evening of it, you can reserve a table at a restaurant, go see a movie or treat yourselves to a couple’s massage at an erotic massage parlour. Let your imagination run wild!

2. Make waves at the beach

The ocean at dusk, the steady beat of waves against the still-warm sand… if you’re looking for an unusual place to make love, nowhere is more enchanting or romantic than the beach. Making love by the sea or in the sea is a great way for couples to break out of the routine. Enjoy the feel of the water against your skin and your partner’s body moving against yours. Make sure to choose a night when the sea is calm, and try moving with the rhythm of the waves for a special, intimate experience.

3. Get busy in a fitting room

If you and your partner want an erotic challenge, why not try to sneak a quickie in a fitting room? Having sex in a fitting room is a great opportunity for you and your significant other to feel like “partners in crime”. This strengthens your bond while also ramping up arousal due to the titillating possibility of getting caught. That being said, it’s important to be discreet—if you do get caught, you may be fined.

4. Get frisky in a Ferris wheel

While Ferris wheels are traditionally meant for families, they can also be fun places to have sex. Dangling high in the air with a spectacular view, Ferris wheels can be an exciting option, particularly for young couples. However, it’s important to avoid being spotted. Like other places on this list, you may be fined if caught, and there are even stiffer penalties if children are nearby. Proceed carefully if you decide to have sex on a Ferris wheel, or opt for another place on this list.

5. Heighten your pleasure in an elevator

Elevators have been popularized by movies and TV shows as fun places to have sex. Elevator sex has become a fantasy for many couples, but like other public places, it’s important to avoid getting caught. Otherwise, you may end up in trouble with the law. Due to the nature of elevators, lengthy lovemaking is out of the question. Keep it quick and make sure you aren’t inconveniencing others!

6. Turn up the heat in a jacuzzi

A jacuzzi provides an effortlessly sensual atmosphere for having sex. Make things even more pleasurable by putting on relaxing music and lighting massage candles. In addition to releasing a sensuous fragrance, you can use the candles or oil to give your partner an erotic massage. A jacuzzi is a fun place to have sex and enjoy a steamy evening with your other half.

Where will you have sex next?

As you can see, there are a variety of interesting places to make love and break out of your routine. To spice things up even more, try picking out an unusual place every month to have a sexy adventure with your partner. Once again, be careful and mindful of the risks if you choose to do the deed in public. We hope you’ll enjoy the suggestions on this list! Our hostess Amanda has tried out a few of these places recently and had a lot of fun…