Is swinging right for you?

Sometimes, life as a couple can get a little monotonous. That’s not bad or abnormal. It’s actually a sign that your relationship is stable and comfortable. In a long-term relationship, it’s natural to want to switch things up, enjoy new experiences and rekindle your passion. That’s why some couples turn to swinging, a practice that’s becoming more and more popular. Is swinging right for you? Here’s everything you need to know about the practice and whether it might be good for your love life.

What is swinging?

Swinging is a sexual practice that some couples engage in. Participating couples meet up and swap partners for the evening to have sex. Many swingers organize private parties that several couples are invited to. Others go to swingers’ clubs to meet likeminded couples. Swinging has long been considered almost taboo, but it is starting to be more widely accepted. The practice used to be popular with older couples looking to spice up their sex lives, but it is now attracting young people who want a more open sort of relationship.

How to know if swinging is right for you

Interested in trying swinging, but not sure whether the practice is right for your relationship? Wanting to try swinging often stems from a mutual desire to break out of the routine and be sexually open. If both people in the relationship share this desire, it’s a sign that swinging might be worth trying. Swinging gives you the chance to pursue your sexual fantasies and satisfy your curiosity without betraying or hurting your partner. If you and your partner want to explore your sexuality with others without compromising your love life, swinging is definitely an option to consider. The most important thing is not to put pressure on your partner or feel pressured to try swinging in order to save your relationship. Swinging only works if both partners give their free, informed and enthusiastic consent and jealousy is put aside entirely. If that seems impossible to you, it’s probably best to forget about swinging.

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