The Art of Hawaiian Wellness: Lomi Lomi Massage

Massage hawaien
Do you also dream of those white sandy beaches, the sound of the waves and the sweet smell of the sun? Yes, we are talking about Hawaii. There’s nothing more relaxing than imagining yourself relaxed, toes out under a palm tree, but not everyone can spend their weekends in Hawaii. If you still want to taste the exoticism of these islands rocked by the ocean swell, we suggest you discover the Hawaiian massage also called lomi lomi. This beautiful massage is directly inspired by the Hawaiian shamanic tradition that will relax, invigorate and reconnect the body and mind with the energies of nature. Discover its secrets through this article.

Origin of Hawaiian massage

Lomi lomi, literally meaning “to massage”, “to knead” or “to caress”, has been practiced for many years. This massage technique is based on two fundamental theories of Hawaiian philosophy: “HUNA” and “MANA”. These are centered on the harmony of body, mind and spirit, but also on the search for love and the concept of energy flow in the body. Hawaiian massage generally helps to remove energy blockages that can ultimately contribute to physical, emotional and mental health problems. If you suffer from anxiety, fear, or other negative emotions, lomi lomi massage may be the massage for you. Looking for a way to get out of the rut in your relationship? You can integrate lomi lomi massage into your activities and enjoy a pleasant moment of rekindling with your partner.

How does a lomi lomi massage work?

The lomi lomi is one of the different types of massages that you must discover. In practice, this treatment lasts about an hour and is practiced on a table using a large amount of massage oil (monoi in general), hot or warm according to your preferences. A rhythmic choreography follows, involving the hands, forearms, and fists of the masseuse. The masseuse will use sliding pressure, kneading, friction, stretching and acupressure movements. Sometimes, the masseuse can use certain oils with restorative properties for the massage.
  • Noni: a plant known to fight infections and soothe rheumatism and arthritis
  • Kukui oil mixed with almond oil
  • Tamanu: oil from a sacred tree with anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing properties

The benefits of a lomi lomi massage

This Hawaiian massage is an ancient technique that includes work on the range of motion, work on the deep tissues and most importantly, a loving touch of full presence. It provides you with a feeling of centeredness and total release of tension. A comprehensive massage that can include a massage of the feet, back, head, and many other parts of the body that can help relieve your stress. It often slows down of the nervous system through a form of gentle but firm contact, which treats certain areas of the body, releasing tensions such as back pain or even abdominal problems associated with poor digestion.

Stress reduction

Chronic stress is increasingly problematic for many people. This emotional state tends to affect the body of the sufferer through:
  • Decreased productivity
  • An increase in irritability
  • Weakening of the immune system
  • Muscle tension
  • Nervousness and sluggishness
Note that other negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, depression, or anger, can also be caused by chronic stress. The lomi lomi massage can be an interesting alternative to overcome this emotional state, thanks to the release of muscular tensions pushing the mind to get rid of these negative emotions.

Body strengthening

During your session, the masseuse often makes sure to work multiple areas of the body at the same time. They may come in and squeeze your back muscles while stretching your arms in order to relieve your joints. If you have regular stiffness in your joints, arms, legs or neck, Hawaiian massage can greatly improve your condition by improving your flexibility. The benefits of Hawaiian massage are numerous. For example, you can combine it with gemstone therapy and aromatherapy. You will not only feel relief from muscle tension, but also from inflammation. This means that people with rheumatism or arthritis can notice a fairly rapid improvement in their symptoms.

Lymphatic stimulation

As a reminder, Hawaiian massage focuses on the flow and circulation of energies throughout the body. In particular, it promotes blood flow through techniques that act on deep tissues. Strong and rhythmic movements on the thighs will help to fluidify the blood circulation and will contract the fatty tissues. Lomi lomi will help boost the lymphatic system and is widely used to combat skin conditions like cellulite.

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Now that you know more about Hawaiian massage, we hope you’ll take advantage of it to relax and regain control over your emotions. Enter a world where you will be welcomed with open arms and finally learn to relax. At Massage Adagio, we know how to make your experience not only beneficial but fulfilling in every way possible! We offer sensual erotic massages for men and women as well as couples on occasion. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a unique experience in the heart of Montreal.