What are the most popular types of massage?

There are as many ways to relax in life as there are people. Some people like to unwind while watching TV, others like to experience thrills. But for most of us, relaxing is associated with a stress-free activity. And when it comes to unwinding, there are few activities that can match a massage. If you are considering a relaxing massage and don’t know which one to choose, these are the most popular types of massage.

Swedish massage: the most popular type of massage

Among the most popular types of massage, we naturally find the Swedish massage. Even if you’ve never had a massage, you’ve probably heard of this one. This occidental massage uses various techniques, including caressing, friction, kneading and tapping. For a relaxing experience, choose the Swedish massage.

Share a relaxing moment with another person

Getting a massage doesn’t necessarily imply a solo experience. Oh no! Many couples choose to have a massage with their partner. A couples’ massage is a great way for partners to have a good time and relax in each other’s company.

Hands aren’t the only things that make great massages

Hands are obviously great tools for massaging. But hand-to-skin contact isn’t only thing that makes a very good massage. A massage that incorporates hot stones is proof of this. During this relaxing experience, the masseuse applies hot oil to stones with a temperature between 120°F and 140°F. She slides the stones all over your body for an absolutely brilliant and exhilarating experience. A must try.

A massage designed especially for athletes

Although its name is a little strange, deep tissue massage is another very popular type. These are often used by athletes. Athletes are fond of it because it helps them relax their sore muscles. A deep tissue massage combines short, slow movements and strong pressure to release tight, knotted muscles and eliminate tension.

Scalp massage: spend a relaxing moment on this body part

The back, legs, hands… These are not the only limbs that deserve to be handled by a massage therapist. So does the scalp. And that’s why it holds this place in our list. Apparently, it is even one of the most relaxing massages.

Reflexology to balance life and well-being

Then comes the reflexology massage. Reflexology is a type of healing massage that involves kneading the soft, fleshy part of the foot, pulling the toes, tracing the contour of the heel and pushing deep into the arch of the foot. Ticklish people should abstain.

Treat yourself to one of the most popular massages on the planet

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