5 erotic challenges for couples

Want ideas for a steamy evening to shake up your routine? Here are 5 erotic challenges for couples to try in private… or even in public!

1. Plan an evening of erotic games

An erotic games night is a fun, naughty way to challenge your sex life. These XXX games will give you the chance to try new things in bed that you might never have thought of otherwise! There are a great variety of erotic games that can be more or less risqué, depending on what you prefer. Find one that piques your curiosity, and let the games begin!

2. Try using sex toys secretly in public

How do you make an ordinary night out totally electrifying? Sharing a dirty little secret with your partner is a delicious way to test your self-control and strengthen your relationship. But what is this secret you need to keep on the down low? There are sex toys for both men and women that can be controlled remotely by your partner. When you’re in a public place like a restaurant or movie theatre, you can give your better half a hands-free orgasm while trying to keep a straight face. Good luck!

3. 5 minutes to make love

The urge to make love to your partner can strike anytime, anywhere. Why not try to play out a sexual fantasy by challenging your partner to do the deed in 5 minutes? If your set a time limit, you’re less likely to be caught with your pants down. 😉  Furthermore, many find that having sex in public can be really exciting!

4. Read an erotic book with your partner

Looking for a steamy challenge in the comfort of your own home? Let your imagination run wild by reading an erotic book with your partner. What’s so challenging about simply reading a book, you may ask? Well, follow these rules to make things interesting! Pick a book, then ask your partner to read a steamy passage without stopping. Your task is to try to distract them so much that they lose track of what they’re reading. Try touching yourself in front of your partner and see how long it takes them to crack!

5. Book a sensual couple’s massage

Another great idea for a sexy challenge is booking an erotic massage at a reputable parlour. Some hostesses enjoy the company of couples and are happy to help them spice up their sex lives. An erotic massage is a unique experience you can enjoy with your partner that will undoubtedly inspire you to try further steamy challenges.

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