Everything you need to know about Thai massage

There’s more to life than Thai food. There is also Thai massage. Have you ever heard of it? We’ll teach you a little more about this type of massage, which has been growing in popularity here for some time.

What is Thai massage?

While Thai massage is relatively new in North America, this ancient form of massage is at least 2500 years old, when it was first conceived by Buddhist monks in Thailand. In short, this type of massage uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve joint and muscle tension and rebalance the human body’s energy systems. In a way, this massage offers a 360-degree experience that aims to energize the person under the professional’s hands. Relaxation is not the main goal here. Since a Thai massage is fully dressed, it is often the preferred choice of people who do not like to undress.

How does a session work and what are the benefits?

Thai massage typically uses rhythmic pressure movements directed at muscle tissue. During the session, the masseuse mainly uses her hands and fingers to exert pressure. The massage is usually performed on the ground, on a mat or other suitable surface. The patient wears loose, stretchy clothing, such as yoga apparel, for example. The therapist’s job is to move the patient’s body so that it performs different stretches and poses, without any effort on the part of the patient. Thai massage is affectionately called lazy yoga, because only the masseuse arranges the patient’s body, which remains passive throughout the session. There are many benefits to Thai massage. Among these, it reduces stress by relaxing and stretching the entire body. It also significantly increases energy levels. Some studies have suggested that the Thai message relieves chronic headaches, stimulates blood circulation and improves range of motion.

Have a great time with a masseuse

In short, Thai massage has been practiced for several millennia and is known for its many virtues. If you want to experience a masseuse and come out energized, you would probably benefit from trying it. To learn more about the world of massage, visit the blog section of our website. And if you want to book your massage with us, do it right away. We would be pleased to welcome you to our modern and welcoming environment. We look forward to making sure you have a good time!

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