What is an Esalen massage?

An Esalen massage is a massage technique that promotes harmony between the body, mind and soul. Thanks to its soft and slow movements, the Esalen massage provides an intense embracing sensation that is both comforting and relaxing. Want to find out more about the Esalen massage and why it’s so good? Discover all you need to know in this article.

A Californian massage inspired by Esalen philosophy

The Esalen massage, also known as the Californian massage, was created in the early 1970s at the Esalen Institute in California. Derived from Swedish massage and sensory awakening techniques, the Esalen massage acts on the muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems. The philosophy behind this Californian massage has remained the same since its creation: to liberate the body and mind through a holistic approach based on listening and being present in the moment. Similar to the tantric massage, the Californian massage is based on intuitive movements that aim to promote the conscious awakening of the person being massaged. The Esalen massage can be likened to an erotic massage, as it provides a great deal of pleasure.

How the Esalen massage works

The Esalen massage is often viewed as the best kind of sensual massage. During an Esalen massage session, the recipient has to strip down naked, both physically and spiritually. Different from most massages, there is no set of rules and techniques for how to perform a good Californian massage. It is therefore difficult to describe exactly how this type of massage takes place since the practitioner is constantly adapting to the reactions and breathing of the person being massaged. Usually, the Esalen massage begins with an initial light and sustained touch in order to establish contact. Thisis then followed by long, slow movements that connect all parts of the body and energy centers together. The massage practitioner then continues with faster and more intense movements. They then finish the massage therapy with broad movements directed towards the outside of the body. This last technique creates a stretching sensation for the person being massaged and releases any tension.

The benefits of the Esalen massage

Since it has lots of benefits for the mind, body and emotions, the Californian massage has very quickly become one of the most popular types of massage in the Western world. Let’s look into its benefits.

Promote your sensory awareness

One of the main reasons why so many people are attracted to this type of massage is its rejuvenating properties. According to the creators of this technique, pleasure derived from the mere act of being touched has real therapeutic value.

Create a deep connection between your body and mind

Much like Swedish massages, the Esalen massage actson the muscular and circulatory planes. It promotes sensory awakening, through its strong focus on breathing, and induces deep relaxation in the recipient. It’s a complete and holistic massage technique that connects the body and mind together.

Share a special moment with someone else

With an Esalen massage, the emphasis is on the relationship between the person being massaged and the practitioner. The practioner connects with the client’s body little by little, gradually pressing more deeply as they adapt to their inhalations and exhalations.

Lose yourself in the sensuality of a Californian massage at the Massage Adagio salon

If you are looking to relax and recharge your batteries, try out the Esalen massage. This unique type of sensual massage is perfect for restoring the balance between your body and mind. If you want to experience a sensual massage in a salon before you practice it at home, feel free to contact Massage Adagio today. Our girls will provide you with a moment you will never forget.