What is a four-hand massage and what are its benefits?

The four-hand massage is a massage technique that requires a certain level of skill. It involves two masseuses, as opposed to one as is the case for traditional massages. This seemingly small change completely alters the way you feel emotions during the massage. Because the sensation of touch is increased tenfold, the four-hand massage induces a greater amount of relaxation. Read on to find out more about the four-hand massage and how it can benefit your body.

What is a four-hand massage?

A four-hand massage requires two masseuses to coordinate themselves well to ensure that they are both massaging the same areas of the body at the same time. They work in harmony with each other. The movements are so precise and in sync that it is difficult to detect which one started first! The four-hand massage is a technique that can be applied to many types of massage:

How does a four-hand massage work?

During a four-hand massage session, two masseuses position themselves on either side of the massage table and perform symmetrical movements on the client’s body. The type of movements and the massage oils used will depend on the massage you have chosen. The main struggle when performing a four-hand massage is making sure that the movements and the level of intensity are the same on both sides of the body. To ensure that the client feels completely relaxed, the pressure applied to the body must be the same all over.

The products used during the massage

Usually, when performing a four-hand massage, the masseuses use vegetable oils such as sweet almond or grape seed oil with a few added drops of essential extracts. It’s also possible that they add in their own homemade aphrodisiac oils. Some masseuses like to use richer products like coconut or shea butter, when performing a four-hand foot massage for instance.

What are the benefits of a four-hand massage?

A four-hand massage lasts the same amount of time as a normal massage, roughly an hour. Regardless of the technique used, a four-hand massage always reduces your stress levels and muscle tension and improves your flexibility, blood circulation and skin tone. The main advantage of a four-hand massage is that it offers a moment of full relaxation. When four hands are used on your body, the brain can no longer focus on each small finger movement and therefore loses control. When you get a four-hand massage in our Montreal massage salon, you will be immersed in a state of absolute serenity and your body will feel completely relaxed.

Treat yourself to a unique experience with a four-hand massage

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