What is Chinese Massage?

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There are many different types of massages around the world. One type that is over 1000 years old is the Chinese massage. This type of massage can be used to help solve physical and mental problems on the body. In this article, we discuss the origin of Chinese massage and the benefits of this remedy.

The origins of Chinese massage

Traditional Chinese massage is one of the five main pillars of traditional Chinese medicine. The other pillars are acupuncture, dietetics, pharmacopoeia and lifestyle advice. This massage type is also known as Tui Na, meaning “push” and “grab” respectively, which is a popular practice around the world. This type of massage is very popular in China and Asia and is starting to be known in the West in recent years. Chinese massage offers real benefits for the body and mind, as do most traditional Chinese medicine techniques. It is practiced by stimulating different areas of the body such as the back, the stomach and the feet.

Techniques used in a Chinese massage

Traditional Chinese massage uses different techniques to interact with the body. These techniques include stretching and kneading the muscles. This massage also uses shiatsu, a technique that involves pressing and pinching pressure points to help reduce stress and pain. There are different ways to help your body feel better. Some Chinese massage techniques work by stimulating the body or increasing hormone levels. Others help regulate blood flow or increase energy levels.

Benefits of Chinese massage

Like many other massages (Swedish massage, foot massage, and so on), traditional Tui Na massage offers many benefits to those receiving it. These benefits include:

Improved blood circulation

The manual techniques of Chinese massage, including perpendicular pressure and fist rolling, stimulate and revitalize blood circulation. In effect, your Montreal masseuse will help your pressure points bring more blood to the massage area, which will allow for a better circulation of the blood in your body.

Increased energy level

If you need more energy to get through your day, book yourself a massage session in Montreal. Whether it’s a four-handed massage, a lingam massage, or even a Chinese massage, this moment you’re about to give yourself will relax your body and help you sleep better at night.

Pain relief

One of the main benefits of a traditional Chinese massage is its ability to quickly relieve pain. In fact, this practice helps to reduce pain mainly located in the neck and throughout the back.

Chinese massage contraindications

Chinese massage is not recommended for people who are injured, feverish or ill. For pregnant women, certain points on the body (between the kidney and the spleen) should not be massaged because of safety concerns. If you have heart or circulation problems and want to get a massage, it is very important to ask for your doctor’s advice first. Some conditions that should exclude you from receiving a massage are:
  • Recent surgery
  • Joint inflammation
  • Heart or bone disease
  • Infectious disease
  • Skin problems

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Chinese massage offers many benefits for the body. If you want to discover new sensations in a place thought for the complete relaxation of its customers, visit our massage parlour in Montreal. We take care of everything so that you can relax and unwind as you deserve, so make an appointment today.