Lingam Massage: An Introduction

Do you want to broaden your sexual horizons? Experience earth-shattering pleasure? Well gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the art of lingam massage. This technique is the key to rediscovering your erotic potential. Keep reading for everything you need to know about lingam massage.

What is lingam massage?

Lingam is the ancient Sanskrit word for penis and literally translates to “wand of light.” Lingam massage, then, is a type of erotic massage that focuses on male genitalia and the surrounding areas (thighs, buttocks, testicles, perineum and the Sacred Spot). Though the recipient will likely reach orgasm, ejaculation is not the goal of lingam massage. Instead, this tantric practice is an exercise in controlling your sexual urges and making the pleasure last as long as possible. The massage recipient will experience multiple internal orgasms that are much more intense than a “typical” orgasm.

What happens during a lingam massage session?

The masseuse does not start by immediately massaging the lingam. Instead, she will begin gently touching and caressing different body parts so that her client is relaxed. She may massage the client’s back, legs, thighs and chest. Then, she rubs massage oil on the penis and testicles and begins the lingam massage. She’ll gently massage the genitalia, alternately stroking and applying pressure to the different male erogenous zones. At the end of the massage, the masseuse dedicates a few minutes to a rest period so her client can fully savour the final waves of pleasure.

What are the benefits of lingam massage?

On top of the obvious pleasure this type of massage provides, the lingam technique offers a host of benefits for your mental, physical and sexual health. With lingam massage, you can:

Reduce stress

When done by professionals in an erotic massage parlour, lingam massage stimulates blood circulation and reduces everyday stress. Remember: the masseuse begins with a gentle full-body massage before getting to the “wand of light.” You therefore have plenty of time to reach a more relaxed state of mind and body. The experience will help you forget life’s stressors and be 100% in the present moment.

Rediscover your masculine sexuality

This phallic massage technique helps men rediscover their sexuality by learning to experience pleasure differently. Instead of trying to reach orgasm at all costs, the massage recipient takes the time to feel every sensation and savour each moment.

Spice up your relationship

Are you looking for a special way to surprise your man? Learning lingam massage is a great way to spend a hot and heavy night of passion. Your man will experience sexual bliss like he’s never known, and you’ll spice up your relationship by trying something new.

Experience erotic massage at Massage Adagio

Lingam massage is an erotic massage technique that is designed to prolong male sexual pleasure. It’s a great way to rediscover your sexuality and experience new and exciting sensations. Have you always wanted to try erotic massage in Montreal? At Massage Adagio, our hostesses welcome you with open arms. We promise an experience you’ll never forget. Make an appointment today!

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