What is a Balinese massage?

Massage balinais sur le dos d'un homme allongé
Balinese massage is a relaxing body massage that is vigorous, gentle and exhilarating all at the same time. Even though its origins lie in Asia, this type of massage is very popular with Westerners. In this article, we will teach you more about the Balinese massage, why it’s so good, and how it’s carried out. You can’t put a price on feeling good so after trying this Indonesian massage, you’ll never go without it!

The origins of Balinese massage

Balinese massage is an ancient practice originating in Indonesia. It is both vigorous and gentle at the same time. It’s the perfect type of massage for tired muscles and a tense, aching body. A full body Balinese massage combines Indian and Chinese massage techniques and follows the principles of Ayurvedic medicine. Therefore, the main aim of this massage is to help regain the equilibrium between your body and mind. Please note that the masseuses at Massage Adagio always take time to listen to your desires before laying their hands on your body.

What happens during a Balinese massage session?

A Balinese massage session lasts one hour on average. Your professional masseuse uses essential massage oils extracted from jasmine and ylang-ylang plants, which are both known for their relaxation properties. The strokes applied to your body work on relieving knotted muscle tissue and balancing your body’s energy centers, as well as stimulating relaxation and tranquillity. For those who love new sensations, a full body Balinese massage is perfect for you! A Balinese massage session is usually divided into 2 parts: During the first part of the session, your masseuse lightly strokes, kneads and rubs your body with her thumbs, hands and forearms. This stimulates your entire body. The second part, known as the “awakening”, lets you stretch out your body as the masseuse presses on your specific acupressure points, inducing deep relaxation.

Benefits of Balinese massage

Just like Swedish massage, a full body Balinese massage has lots of benefits, the main one being that it intertwines and balances out the body and mind. Here’s some other benefits of Balinese massage:

Improves skin quality

One of the main benefits of Balinese massage is its ability to improve the quality of your skin. After a toning and revitalizing massage session, your skin will become soft and supple, and your whole body will experience a surge in energy.

Relaxes the mind and body

If you want to relax your muscles after a long, stressful day and are in search of something to relieve your back pain, then a Balinese massage is exactly what you need.

Helps lose weight

If you want to burn some calories without getting tired, book a massage appointment as soon as you can! Many studies show that Balinese massage is an effective solution for weight loss. Even though no massage can match the results of a good workout, getting a massage can be a nice alternative.

Massage Adagio: a top-tier massage parlour

As previously mentioned, Balinese massages offer many benefits. They free your mind and body from the stressors of daily life, all while completely relaxing your muscles. Massage Adagio massage parlour offers a wide range of massages to give you an unforgettable experience that will leave your body feeling relaxed and rejuvenated for days. Don’t miss out on the amazing experiences we offer! Book an appointment with us today! Our experienced masseuses will welcome you with a smile and ensure to fulfil your desires for the ultimate relaxation experience.