How to Give a Massage Worthy of a True Geisha

comment faire un massage geisha
Geishas have long been objects of sensuality and desire. In Japan, they are renowned for their femininity and sexual prowess. Of course, it’s impossible to mention geishas without talking about their massages. Geisha massages are still popular today—but they are a true art form! In order to master this massage technique like a true geisha, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. The expert masseuses of Massage Adagio will explain how to give a mind-blowing geisha massage.

What are geishas?

In Japan, geishas are women who attend to and entertain their guests. They are true artists who perfectly master eroticism, play and sensuality. An integral part of Japan’s history, Geishas are also known for their kimono, fan, make up and intricate hairstyles. Despite their huge popularity in ancient Japan, geisha have all but disappeared today. However, their legend has withstood the test of time. Nowadays, geishas are shrouded in mystery and secrets—including the geisha massage!

Dress the part

Beyond technique, a successful geisha massage owes a lot to atmosphere and performance. Embrace the traditional geisha attire: a floral silk kimono, tied with a silk obi sash. Sweep your hair into an elegant chignon bun and carry a fan. You can finish off your look with white face makeup and red lips, like a true geisha. Your ensemble should inspire your partner to dream of distant lands! Important: geishas are never naked in front of their clients. Because nudity does not necessarily equal sophistication, try to leave something to the imagination (same goes for sexting). You don’t want to dispel the suggestive, erotic element of the massage.

Set the scene

Now that you are dressed and done up like a geisha, you are almost ready to start the massage. All that’s left is the ambiance! As with any massage, soft lighting and pleasant fragrances are important. You can also use scented candles that evoke the land of the rising sun (e.g. with tea, jasmine or ginger scents). Last but not least, search the many available compilations on YouTube for traditional Japanese music to add to your erotic massage. Your partner will be immersed in a sensual and sophisticated atmosphere—the key ingredients of a real geisha massage. Now let’s talk technique!

Take it slow

The secret to a good geisha massage lies is to go gently and slowly. It’s up to the masseuse to control the speed of their sensual movements. Rub the massage oil between your hands to warm it up. Once it’s the right temperature, you can start the massage. You want to stoke the flames of desire without using it up too quickly. Go gently with your hands or a sexy accessory, like a feather or ribbon. Start with the feet and make your way up to your partner’s erogenous zones. To really drive your partner wild, listen to them and follow their cues throughout the massage.

Choose the right massage oil

As with any sensual massage, the choice of oil is crucial. You can choose from a variety of scented or non-scented options. Jasmine oils are particularly popular for geisha massages.

Vocalize your desire

The most skillful of geishas know how to use their words to increase desire. Geishas are said to be beautiful poets. You can talk about how much you want to play with your partner’s “magic wand” and let them into your “enchanted castle.” Speak softly or whisper how much you want them without overdoing it. Remember that you want to cultivate an air of refined, discreet mystery. This isn’t Lingam massage! It might be difficult to vocalize your desires to your partner. To maintain the allure of the geisha massage, remain serious and stay in character. It’s guaranteed to surprise your man!

Leave your massage in the trusted hands of Massage Adagio

The secret to a successful geisha massage is creating an exquisitely sensual experience. The key components are gentleness, ambiance and passion. Not everyone is born with these qualities! That’s why Massage Adagio offers a wide range of massages tailored to your needs and desires. Our masseuses are experienced and adept at ensuring that you have the most pleasurable experience possible. Contact us today! Our lovely ladies can’t wait to schedule your next massage.