What is the best music to listen to during an erotic massage?

When you visit Massage Adagio, we make sure you get a full erotic massage experience. The room temperature is perfect, the lighting is wonderfully balanced and even the room is designed to ensure that you have a great time with us. Not to mention the beauty of our masseuses.

Music for erotic massage

Your hands, your legs, your arms, your chest… And your ears? You may be wondering what’s the best music to listen to during an erotic massage? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’re going to attempt to solve that mystery in the following article.

To each his own, but…

The real answer to this question is the one you don’t want to hear: it depends… Depends on what? On your preferences and your personal style. But if we put aside everyone’s preferences and style (jazz, rock, classical, etc.), there is one type of music that is more perfect than the others when you go under the hands of an erotic masseuse: ambient music.

Music that greatly enhances the massage experience

Ambient music is often associated with massages, erotic or not, mainly because of its rhythm, which is believed to calm the mind. Not only does the rhythm calm the mind, it also creates relaxing mental images that greatly enhance the massage experience.

Reaching the limits of trance

When you listen to ambient music, the sounds you hear take you to the limits of a completely intoxicating trance. As you prepare to experience a massage unlike any other, in which you will leave your body in the hands of one of our girls, ambient music should definitely be part of your playlist.

Always good to diversify your playlist

Ambient music and nothing else? Of course not. Diversifying your playlist with a little more up-tempo and sensual music will definitely add some fun and excitement to your experience. Any music with low notes or a good smooth beat will do the trick.

Massage Adagio and music: a duo at the service of your pleasure

Erotic massages are moments like no other. And at Massage Adagio, we get it. That’s why we offer you a complete sensory experience during your massage, from touch to sound. If you are interested in visiting us, book your massage now. And if you have any questions, contact us. That’s what we’re here for! Looking forward to welcoming you!