What are the female erogenous zones?

The female body is sometimes described as a real mystery. And when it comes to exciting one, not all men (or women) know how to bring her to 7th heaven. Since we have you and your partner’s pleasure at heart, here is an overview of the most pleasurable female erogenous zones.

The clitoris: the first female erogenous zone

We begin our tour of female erogenous zones with a first stop at the clitoris. This part of the body is extremely sensitive in women because it is filled with nerve endings. Research even shows that stimulating the clitoris is the best way to make girls come quickly. So, for those who prefer a quickie….

The vagina: the epicenter of thrills

We continue on our way and head towards the vagina. According to some, the G spot is a hoax and doesn’t really exist. Are these people right? No one knows. Nevertheless, it seems that the inside of the vagina is the real Mecca of female pleasure. To stimulate her as much as possible, gently caress the edge of her vagina and boom! The excitement will follow.

The cervix: the home of hot hot hot nerve endings

Clitoris, vagina and what else? The cervix, of course. Located at the end of the uterus, this erogenous zone has its own nerve endings, just like the clitoris and vagina. For an orgasmic effect, touch and caress it gently.

The neck: for an exhilarating feeling

We leave the lower part of the woman’s body for a moment and go up to her neck. According to one study (we like the evidence), the nape of the neck is one of the most exhilarating female erogenous zones. The neck is very sensitive to touch, especially in people with low body fat levels.

Mouth and lips: pivotal zones to excite a woman

Let’s go up a little higher and reach the mouth and lips. Kissing is a key part of relationship building. It also plays a major role when it comes to exciting a woman. To make the young lady go sky high, kiss her passionately and alternate between this area and the other erogenous zones of her body.

Breasts and nipples: create a hot fireworks display

Naturally, nipples are important in sexual arousal. It is even an erogenous zone for men. Stimulating the breasts and nipples will trigger the same pleasurable fireworks as the clitoris and vagina. Like the clitoris, pressure and vibration are the name of the game for maximum enjoyment.

Ears: an unusual but important erogenous zone

We finish our tour in a seemingly unusual spot: the ears. Yes, for some reason, women feel a great deal of excitement when you touch this erogenous zone in their bodies. So, suck on them, nibble on them and whisper sweet nothings into them while you give her an erotic massage.

Excite a woman by stimulating her erogenous zones

Although women’s bodies are a mystery, and sexual arousal is something very individual, we can still agree that they have some hot spots in common. So, if you want to make your wife, your new fling or the girl you plan to meet this weekend climax, remember the erogenous zones we have just listed and indulge her with some thrills.