Everything You Need to Know About Private Massages

Massage privé à Montréal
The human body can experience a lot of pleasure through its five senses. One of the ways to explore all these senses is through massage. Indeed, this practice relaxes the whole body and mind, and can even provide pleasure. There are many massage salons, but why not book a private massage just for you or you and your lover? Let’s see what a private massage is and the main differences with a classic massage.

How to reserve a private massage

Private massages are normally sessions that you book to take place in the privacy of your home. Although the type of massage performed can be of any kind, private massage is mostly associated with erotic massages. Indeed, even if it is possible to make an appointment in an erotic massage parlour, you can contact some private masseuses to perform a service in your home. The key to a private massage is to know how to set limits. You need to set rules and the masseuse or masseur needs to abide by them. The opposite is obviously true as well.

Why reserve a private massage session?

Compared to the classic massage, the private massage takes place in your home, which means that you have total control over your environment. The originality of this practice has already won over many women, men and couples by spicing up their daily lives. A private massage offers the recipient a moment of intense contact and sharing with their masseur and masseuse. The easiest way to discover this type of massage is to try it.

Classic massage vs. private massage

We mentioned above a first difference between the private massage and the classic massage which is the control of the environment. Here are the main differences:

1. Price

The price can vary greatly between a massage salon and a private massage performed directly in your home. The masseuse who comes to your home includes travel expenses in their rates, which a salon obviously does not charge you.  The private masseuse will only be able to see a limited number of clients, which will be reflected in the price. The price remains consistent with the service that is offered. A private massage allows a little more freedom than a massage in a salon or institute. Your requests can be more precise, whether it is for a foot massage or even a happy ending massage.

2. Time of massage

Salons offer massage slots that can be adaptable, even if they are different time allotments. If you have an unforeseen event or a special request, it might not be taken into account. Massage times can also vary between a classic massage and a private massage. In the salons, the duration of a table massage is generally between one hour and one hour and a half, depending on the time slots and masseuses available. You must take into account the preparation time, which can be as little as ten minutes. On the other hand, most private masseurs offer 60 or 90 minute table top sessions. To not be surprised, ask your masseur the length of the session that they plan for and what they can offer during that period.

3. Reservation

When you call to schedule an appointment at a massage chain, you will usually not have the opportunity to choose your masseuse directly. Whether it’s online or by calling the receptionist, you can choose your time slot but not the person in charge of your massage. With a private massage, you choose the person in charge of the moment. If you are a regular, this is usually the objective of this type of service, to spend a relaxing moment with a person with whom you have bonded over several sessions. At Massage Adagio you choose who you want to have your massage session with!

4. Flexibility

Solo masseuses have total control over their daily work, so they are not overscheduled. You will be able to plan and personalize your session as you wish, ensuring that the moment is remembered forever in your mind and body.

Can you get private massages in a massage parlour?

At Massage Adagio, we wanted to create a unique erotic massage salon as if you were at home. We have brought together the best of both classic massage parlours and private massages to offer you an experience like no other. Contact us to choose the time slot you want with the girl you want. In addition, we offer several quality rooms and various massage times, all at competitive prices. Book your massage session today!