Why do people have foot fetishes?

People who have a foot fetish or sexual fantasy are often a little embarrassed to talk about it. Over time, this interest has become almost taboo. However, this attraction is quite normal and many people have it. Here is more information on foot fetishes.

What is fetishism?

Fetishism is defined as a sexual fixation on an object, activity or body part. The subject of this fixation becomes necessary for a person to be sexually satisfied. In general, men are more likely to have a fetish than women. Psychologists still find it difficult to explain how fetishes develop. It has been suggested that they may come from an association of the so-called neutral object with something exciting, such as a picture of a naked person. It has also been theorized that people with certain inherited personality traits would be more likely to develop fetishes. In any case, experts agree that fetishism is a perfectly human and normal phenomenon.

How to explain that you have a foot fetish

Someone with a foot fetish therefore needs someone else’s feet to feel sexual arousal. The foot fetishist detaches the object of their fantasy from the person to whom it belongs. Foot fetishes therefore vary in gender and can manifest themselves in different ways. People with a foot fetish may look for certain characteristics to satisfy their desire. For example, they might enjoy a certain skin texture of the feet, their smell, shape or even the nails. In some cases, simple pictures of feet may be enough to arouse them. Foot fetishes are also often linked to a kind of domination. Fetishists may sometimes like to be stepped on, or ask to have their genitals stepped on to feel aroused.

Foot fetishes are more common than you may think

You might think that foot fetishes are not very common. However, a survey has shown that one in seven people have had sexual fantasies about feet. In fact, about 18% of heterosexual men and 5% of heterosexual women surveyed have had this sexual fantasy. According to experts, the percentage of people who have a real foot fetish would be lower. Nevertheless, fantasizing about feet is relatively common and is a desire shared by many.

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