Fugueuse and Massage Adagio join forces for season 2

After the phenomenal success of season 1, the popular show Fugueuse is back with a vengeance for a second season. And we are pleased to exclusively reveal that Massage Adagio participated in the filming of the new series.

Fugueuse: an instant success, broadcast to nearly 2 million viewers

The Quebec series Fugueuse, broadcast on TVA, took everyone by surprise. From the very first episode of season 1, audiences were won over by the story of Fanny, a young teenager of barely 16 years old, manipulated and trapped by her boyfriend, Damien, and his entourage. Over the course of the 10 episodes, the audience became deeply attached to Fanny and her family, greatly shaken by the teenager’s downfall.

Fugueuse and Massage Adagio: a natural partnership

A few episodes have already been aired, and even if we still don’t know the ultimate outcome of the new season of the most popular series of the moment, we can nevertheless reveal a scoop: Massage Adagio took part in the shooting, which took place last year. In fact, the erotic massage parlour in Montreal was chosen as the location for the filming of the most popular Quebec series of the moment.
“It’s a real pleasure for us to have hosted the shooting of Fugueuse 2. As a massage parlour, we are very sensitive to the issues raised by the series. I am convinced that our participation will help to promote the social mission of Fugueuse, particularly with regard to sexual exploitation, of which we are proud opponents. It’s very exciting and we were very pleased to welcome the production team, actors and producers of the series to our establishment”, said Patrick, owner of Massage Adagio.

Catch us in a new episode every week

Season 2 of Fugueuse, which takes place a few years after Fanny’s testimony at the trial of Damien Stone, her pimp, promises to be as strong as the first one. So, we’ll see you every week as part of the broadcast of the new season. Happy viewing!