Why offer an erotic massage at a bachelor party?

As much as Hollywood wants you to believe that the best bachelor parties are held in Vegas, Montreal is by no means a bad choice. In fact, the metropolis is the ideal place to have a lot of fun with friends before saying the famous “I do”. And, let’s be honest, what could be hotter than offering an erotic massage to your best friend for a successful bachelor party?

Erotic massages and bachelor parties go hand in hand

A successful bachelor party is about giving in to excess. Forget about relaxing dinners at the restaurant and casual Tuesdays playing beer pong in the neighbour’s basement because, when it comes to celebrating your brother, cousin or buddy one last time before his wedding, moderation goes out the window. So, after drinking 2-3 shooters in the most jet-setting bar in town, spending a little money at the casino and touring the city in a helicopter or limousine, head to an erotic massage parlour to keep the stag party going. Why visit an erotic massage parlour? The answer is very simple.

Ending your best friend’s bachelorhood the right way

You could easily justify your visit to an erotic massage parlour on the grounds that it is the groom’s last day of celibacy, and that he will soon have to endure a chaste and tedious life. But perhaps this isn’t quite true. The guy is already in a relationship and if he wants to marry his girlfriend, it’s probably because he loves her a little, a lot or madly. Besides, if it’s your best friend and you’re in charge of the planning, you don’t necessarily want to alienate his girlfriend, so we’ll find other more compelling reasons, like the ones that follow.

The thousand virtues of an erotic massage

Did you know that an erotic massage can be used as sexual therapy to stimulate libido? The groom may not necessarily have a problem in this regard, but letting him relax under the care of an erotic masseuse is a good way to regulate the blood flow in his body. Better blood flow means a stronger erection. This will benefit them as a couple later on. Erotic massage is also used to train people to relax their muscles, which can lengthen the duration of sexual intercourse and improve their game, since during a sensual massage, breathing, sound and movement are used to awaken the body. In turn, this awakening allows for stronger and more rewarding orgasms.

For a successful bachelor party that everyone will remember

Many people use erotic massages to improve their sexual health, promote intimacy with their partner and overcome the challenges of their sexuality such as discomfort or a disorder. So, when planning your friend’s bachelor party, offer him something you might not even dare to offer yourself: a visit to an erotic massage parlour. We bet you’ll want to book a massage for yourself too.