4 erotic audio stories to arouse your senses

Looking for new and exciting ways to stimulate your sexual desires? Erotic audio stories and podcasts are more popular than ever and allow listeners to awaken their sexuality in a whole new way. Interested? Discover 4 audio erotica stories that will certainly arouse your senses.

1. “Dipsea”: a range of erotic stories for each occasion

As a sexually inclusive audio erotica app, “Dipsea” includes a wide range of fictional erotic stories, allowing you to choose from gender combinations or group sex options. You can also choose from different story categories, including hookups, BDSM and more. The app allows you to select while you’re listening and with stories from 5-25 minutes long, it offers many different story options. On top of their fictional audio series, they also offer guided masturbation sessions, fantasy sessions, erotic meditation and dirty talk lessons. A relatable female-founded story studio meant to unlock confidence, “Dipsea” is free to download for limited use and offers unlimited access subscriptions.

2. “Bawdy Storytelling”: the original sex storytelling series

The award-winning “Bawdy Storytelling” podcast is a live storytelling series that started almost 13 years ago. Featuring true erotic stories from strangers brought on stage, this podcast includes stories that are anything but a cliché. The creator of this live show and podcast, Dixie, believes sex is more than just an act. It should always speak to your desires while enticing you to try something new. These daring personal narratives may even lead you to your own sexual self-discovery, acceptance and affirmations.

3. “The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica”: tales of love, erotic horror, and more

In “The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica” adult-only audio series, Rose Caraway and her friends share some of their best erotic stories and tales. Being the #1 erotic podcast on iTunes, the sexual fantasies are limitless. These stories told by some of the best erotica authors can be listened to solo or between partners. These storytellers do not hold back, transporting listeners into a sensual atmosphere that is sure to seduce your thoughts. With a variety of fantasies and topics, this podcast is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

4. “Quinn”: non-visual porn for women

Designed for women and created by Caroline Spiegel, “Quinn” includes short erotic stories to read or listen to, differing from traditional mainstream conventions of porn. There are multiple playlist categories including SFW, shower time, lesbian, spanking, and even female voice or male voice. If you really want to get creative, this website even allows users to submit their written or audio stories, giving you the freedom to share your very own fantasies. If you’re looking to get aroused in a sex-positive environment, “Quinn” is made for you.

Ready for a unique erotic experience?

Erotic audio stories are certainly a unique way to stimuate your sexual appetite. These podcasts are becoming more and more popular, so you are almost certain to find one that will awaken your senses. Would you like to live an even more exciting and extraordinary erotic experience? At Massage Adagio, we are committed to offering you an unforgettable sensual adventure of the highest quality. Visit our website to book your massage today.