3 Unusual Sex Practices from Around the World

Sexuality is one of the only phenomena that is almost universally understood. Every country and culture on Earth has its own unique beliefs and practices related to sexuality. Are you familiar with exotic sex practices? Here are 3 that might surprise you.

1. Tantric sex: a Hindu practice from India

Tantra is a sexual and spiritual practice that comes from Hinduism in India. The practice combines meditation and eroticism to make the sexual experience even more intense and pleasurable. Before coitus, partners take the time to meditate together to initiate their spiritual union. One intriguing tantric technique is to sit facing your partner without clothes on and wrap your legs around each other. Then, begin breath exchange, where one person inhales as the other exhales. Continue on to tantric massage, caresses, etc. When both partners are ready, sex can begin. With practice, tantric adepts are said to be able to experience prolonged orgasms that last several minutes to several hours.

2. Pony play: a sex practice from the United States

If you’re looking for something that’s truly off the beaten track, you might want to try pony play. This BDSM practice is a type of erotic roleplay that comes from the United States. The submissive partner, called a “pony”, is outfitted with a saddle, reins, a bit, and any other equipment that is usually used on horses. The dominant partner plays the pony’s master. The pony must obey the master and submit to their wishes. BDSM enthusiasts may enjoy trying out this unusual sex practice or another variation of animal roleplay.

3. Sex with a stranger: an Indonesian ritual

The Pon festival is held in Indonesia every year. During the festival, couples meet on Mount Kemukus in Java. The ritual, which is similar to swinging, involves having sex with a stranger next to a shrine, even if the people involved are married. For the ritual to be complete, participants must have sex with the same person at each of the 7 Pon festival celebrations throughout the year. According to tradition, the couples will have good luck if the ritual is completed.

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Unique, unusual sex practices can be found in every country in the world. These three examples illustrate just how many forms sexuality can take, depending on the culture you belong to. Interested in exploring new sex practices alone or with a partner? Erotic massage is the perfect way to broaden your horizons. To experience the best erotic massage in Montreal, make an appointment at Massage Adagio today!