10 Sex Positions Men Love

Wondering how to step it up in the bedroom and keep your man coming back for more? You’re in luck! Here are the 10 sex positions men love best.

10. Fellatio

Whether or not you consider it a sex position, fellatio deserves its spot in the top 10. Men are crazy about oral sex, and it’s a great way to start things off and get in the mood!

9. Anal

Anal is a sexual fantasy for many men—it’s generally considered taboo, which makes it feel naughty in a way that can be very exciting. Anal penetration also provides a different and sometimes tighter sensation for men, making it that much more stimulating. Although anal sex isn’t one of the 10 positions women love best, many still enjoy it. Don’t forget the lube, ladies!

8. Rock ‘n’ roll

Rock ‘n’ roll is a variant of missionary position. The woman lies on her back with her partner on top of her, but there’s a twist—she places her legs on her partner’s shoulders rather than leaving them on either side of his body. Many men find that rock ‘n’ roll sets their partner’s hips at an angle that allows for deeper penetration and more pleasure.

7. Reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl is a position that’s very popular with men, particularly those who like to be dominated. The woman straddles her partner with her back to him, giving her complete control over the act. She sets the rhythm and decides how to move her body. Men also like this position because it allows for penetration from a variety of angles and gives them the opportunity to fondle their partner’s behind.

6. Spooning

Men who embrace their tender, romantic side love spooning. This position is great for morning sex—it’s sensual and exiting without being too physically demanding. And to keep things spicy, you can change up the penetration angle by adjusting the woman’s position.

5. 69

69 ranks 5th on the list of men’s favourite sex positions. Essentially, the position involves both partners performing oral sex on each other in such a way that their bodies make the shape of the number 69. Some might be surprised that this position ranks in the top 5, because it doesn’t involve penetration. But men love oral sex, and they like reciprocating too! 69 is a great way to spice up your sex life when things get too routine.

4. Cowgirl

Cowgirl sits 4th on the list. Like reverse cowgirl, the woman straddles her man, who is lying on his back. The difference here is that the partners are facing each other. As mentioned above, men enjoy relinquishing control and letting their partner take over. This position ranks higher than reverse cowgirl because it provides more intimacy and closeness.

3. Legs crossed

Legs crossed is another variant of missionary that made it to the top 10! Like rock ‘n’ roll, the woman lies on her back with her man on top and her legs raised. Instead resting them on her partner’s shoulders, however, she lets him take hold of her ankles so he can open and close her legs at his leisure. The position is sometimes called scissoring due to the opening and closing motion, but that term is more commonly used for the genital rubbing associated with girl-on-girl sex.

2. Missionary

Second place goes to the ultimate classic—missionary position! In missionary, the woman lies on her back with her man on top, her legs open to receive him. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that men enjoy missionary less than women. Even though the position is pretty basic, it’s a perfect mix of sensuality and intimacy that gives men just as much pleasure as women! It’s a classic for a reason.

1. Doggy style

Drumroll, please! First place goes to… Doggy style! Doggy style is without a doubt the position that gives men the most pleasure. Why is that? Men love the view they get when penetrating from behind. Doggy style also gives them better control of their thrust and intensity. And since it comes in second on the list of women’s favourite positions, their partner will most likely enjoy the position just as much!

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That concludes our list of the 10 sex positions men love. Did some of them surprise you? Men love variety when it comes to sex, so if you want to keep him coming back for more, a mix of these 10 positions should be just the ticket! For more tips on sexuality, sensuality and erotic massage, check out the Massage Adagio blog.