What are the best meeting places for LGBTQ women in Montreal?

As an LGBTQ woman in Montreal, you may find it difficult to discover the best places to meet lesbian women or do something different with your girlfriend. This is exactly why we’ve put together this little guide to the best meeting places for LGBTQ women in Montreal. Get inspired by our suggestions for places to go and activities to do in the Quebec metropolis!

1. Have a drink or coffee in one of Montreal’s diverse establishments

Over the past few years now, many small independent cafés and artisanal microbreweries have sprung up all over Montreal. But did you know that an impressive number of these were founded by women and members of the LGBTQ community? Not only do these small establishments contribute to expanding the range of local products available in Montreal, they also promote and encourage diversity from all angles. These little gems are therefore ideal places to meet lesbian women in Montreal or to have a nice date in a welcoming and fun place!

2. A moment of relaxation for LGBTQ women in couples

Are you a lesbian woman who has already met your significant other? Don’t worry, there are also a host of activities to do in Montreal that are geared towards spicing up your relationship! When you’re in a relationship, a little unforgettable sexcapade between lovers can sometimes be necessary to reconnect physically and emotionally. One good way to do this, for example, could be an erotic massage as a couple. Contrary to what you might think, this experience is not only for men. In fact, there are many women-friendly masseuses on the Montreal scene and who will be able to provide you and your partner with an exceptional moment of relaxation.

3. Discover LGBTQ art and culture

Montreal is also a popular city for Quebec LGBTQ artists and personalities. Numerous cultural events and shows are organized to give visibility to these artists and make their voices heard. Museum exhibitions, concerts, plays, drag shows, cult movies… There is no shortage of LGBTQ cultural venues to meet a lesbian woman who shares your interests and passions!

Montreal, a city bursting with activities for LGBTQ women

Voilà donc un survol des meilleurs lieux à visiter et des activités à faire à Montréal pour rencontrer des femmes LGBTQ, pour un premier rendez-vous ou encore pour essayer quelque chose de nouveau avec votre partenaire ! There you have it, the best places to visit and activities to do in Montreal to meet LGBTQ women, for a first date or to try something new with your partner! If you are looking to spend a relaxing moment with your girlfriend, make sure to book a massage with us. Our masseuses will offer you the ultimate erotic experience in Montreal!