How to overcome love-shyness

Seduction can be stressful for some people. After all, approaching someone you don’t know and having a discussion with them is not easy. However, for some people, this stress can turn into a paralyzing anxiety that prevents them from developing any kind of intimate relationship at all. Does this sound familiar to you? Learn more about love shyness and discover some tips to overcome this phobia once and for all.

What is love-shyness?

Love-shyness is a term coined by American psychologist Brian G. Gilmartin. He describes it as a form of social phobia that mainly affects heterosexual men, but can be experienced by everyone. This shyness prevents individuals from developing an intimate relationship with someone. These people have great difficulty finding confidence when it comes to interacting with potential sexual or love partners. However, the social anxiety suffered by people who are love-shy is not necessarily present in every aspect of their lives. For example, a man may find it very easy to make friends and interact with colleagues, but may be unable to talk to a woman in a seductive context.

Tips to overcome being love-shy

Regardless of the specific cause, love-shyness is often fueled by a lack of confidence and self-esteem. With a little work, practice and patience, you can overcome this paralyzing fear.

1. Work on your self-confidence

You have to work on your self-confidence to overcome being love-shy. People who lack self-confidence will find it much more difficult to develop an intimate relationship than a person who is confident and assertive. Trying new experiences could be a good way to gain self-confidence, especially in terms of intimacy and sexuality. Why not try an erotic massage or sign up for a dating site? Even if these experiences do not lead to a relationship, they will certainly help you gain self-confidence.

2. Break your love-shyness with small gestures

Someone who has social anxiety about interacting with someone they are interested in has to start by breaking down certain internalized coping mechanisms. For example, an individual might be afraid to talk to someone they find attractive out of fear that the person will be uninterested and reject them. The best way to start overcoming this phobia is with small gestures to get used to communicating with others. Start by simply greeting someone you don’t know, asking for the time, etc. You will become more and more comfortable talking to others.

3. Meet new people to expand your horizons

People who are love-shy tend to have only one person in mind. However, meeting new people, whether you are attracted to them or not, is a good way to get used to seduction. Go to meeting places based on your interests or sexual orientation to practice talking to others. For example, if you are attracted to older women, you can go to a bar with an older clientele.

Overcoming love-shyness one massage at a time

In short, you can overcome being love-shy by working on yourself. Through self-confidence and experience, people who fear the idea of seduction can overcome this phobia. Looking for an experience that will help you face your fear of intimacy? Book an appointment at Massage Adagio today. Our beautiful hostesses will make you feel at home.