Which films will get you in the mood to make love?

The cinema is full of naughty movies that tease. So it’s not surprising that many individuals or couples watch movies to get into the mood before moving into the bedroom. Do you want to raise the temperature between you and your partner? Here are a few movies that will turn you on!

Erotic movies to make you melt with desire

Naturally, many erotic films get you in the mood to make love. And when it comes to erotic films, Fifty Shades of Grey inevitably comes to mind. While this film is exciting, there are many other films of this style that do just as good a job. If you are attracted to films that combine mystery and eroticism, Eyes Wide Shut is the film for you. Like an erotic massage experience, you will be seduced by this film and its secret and enticing universe.

Even dramatic movies can turn you on

What better than a drama film to bring your emotions soaring through the roof? Among the many films in this genre, two in particular will make you want to get laid all night long. The film Drive and its mythical elevator scene will fill you with yearning. Another is Match Point, which can take your sexual urges to another level. As you watch the palpable tension between these two characters, you’ll also want to make love in new places.

Humour and eroticism: a happy marriage?

When we watch a comedy, we don’t necessarily think of a sex romp! But you can always combine these two forms of pleasure. Friends with Benefits is a romantic comedy that can get you in the mood without taking yourself too seriously. And just like sex, laughter secretes endorphins that make your body feel good. So why not do it more often?

Suspense… all the way to the bedroom

Suspense films are not only thrilling, but also stimulating. Have you ever noticed how your body can tense up at an intriguing plot? If so, you should know that thrillers like Original Sin or Mr. & Mrs. Smith can also get you in the mood to make love and spice up your relationship. You will find that these two films are excellent for stirring hot passions.

A panoply of films to get you in the mood

As you can see in this article, you don’t need to watch only erotic movies to get you in the mood. The key is to choose a movie that will make you tremble with desire, no matter what the genre. We hope that our recommendations will serve as inspiration for your steamy evenings. For more hot tips, visit the blog section of our website. And for an erotic experience like no other, book your massage with us. We look forward to welcoming you!