"A little crazyness is the only thing you never regret." - Oscar Wilde

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Lexy, an artist in all spheres of my life, including the sphere of eroticism. With me you will meet an original, bookworthy, happy and passionate soul. I would dare to discover you with spontaneity, laughter and gentleness, sometimes with intensity. I am authentically me with you, as I invite you to be me with me. I reveal my character in my personal style, I bet on creation and creativity in relationship. The more solid our connection is, the more intimately we cultivate charms, graces and moments of pleasure. If the alchemy works you will know my sweetness, other treasures… other secrets ♡. My elixir towards the height of pleasures is a complete synergy; a balance of our bodies (eroticism), our hearts (affection, creation) and our minds (respect, authenticity of being oneself). My philosophy; it is in mutually enriching relationships that we fully develop… Free of experiences without regret “A little crazyness is the only thing you never regret.” – Oscar Wilde Come to me as you are. And let’s create together something out of the ordinary… something new, something that will allow us to be more than the sum of our parts. I look forward to becoming an accomplice to unreasonable nonsense. … Well, I meant reasonable 😉 ♡ -Lexy xox

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