What is four-hand massage and what are the benefits?

All means are good for relaxing. Some people like to read. Others enjoy a good meal or long walks in the park. Despite all the choices, massages are probably the most relaxing. After all, what a pleasure it is to indulge yourself in the hands of a professional masseuse. Today, we want to tell you about a massage that’s different from the others: the four-hand massage.

What is a four-hand massage?

No, a four-hand massage is not given by a four-armed mutant. It is simply performed by 2 therapists working in tandem to relax the client – you – hence the “four-hand” name. Roughly speaking, a four-hand massage is the equivalent of 2 massages given at the same time. It provides a very unique and relaxing experience in which the 2 therapists “choreograph” rhythmic movements and variable pressures.

How is it different from other massages?

The four-hand massage is a powerful treatment that is perfect for those who have difficulty loosening up. It helps the person being massaged to completely give up control of their body. In a normal massage, we tend to follow and chart the masseuse’s hands on our body. When they touch your legs, you know it. When they massage your back, you are also well aware. However, being massaged by four hands is a very different experience. At first, your brain will try to follow the hands of the 2 massage therapists, but you will quickly give up because the process becomes too complicated. This is when you relax completely.

What are the benefits of a four-hand massage?

A four-hand massage lasts the same amount of time as a normal massage. It can incorporate different techniques that are specific to other massages, such as Shiatsu or Thai massage, for example. Regardless of the technique, a four-hand massage will always reduce your stress and muscle tension and improve your flexibility, blood circulation and skin tone.

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