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What is the best music to listen to during an erotic massage?

When you visit Massage Adagio, we make sure you get a full erotic massage experience. The room temperature is perfect, ...
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5 homemade sex toy ideas

You finally get home after a long, hard day's work. Whereas you would usually lie down on the living room ...
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How to choose between a massage candle and massage oil?

Erotic massages create intoxicating sensory experiences. And when it comes to eroticism and massage, there are many ways to go ...
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Fugueuse and Massage Adagio join forces for season 2

After the phenomenal success of season 1, the popular show Fugueuse is back with a vengeance for a second season ...
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How to make your own aphrodisiac massage oil

An aphrodisiac is not a magic potion. In fact, it is a substance that promotes and reinforces sexual passion and ...
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4 tips to spice up your relationship

What happens with a vehicle that is neglected for too long? It starts to break down. And what happens if ...
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5 massage oils and their benefits for the body

Nothing soothes the body and mind like a relaxing massage. A good massage not only unravels the knots in your ...
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What are the female erogenous zones?

The female body is sometimes described as a real mystery. And when it comes to exciting one, not all men ...
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What are the top 10 aphrodisiac foods?

An aphrodisiac is defined as a food or substance that awakens sexual instinct, arouses desire or increases sexual pleasure or ...
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Why offer an erotic massage at a bachelor party?

As much as Hollywood wants you to believe that the best bachelor parties are held in Vegas, Montreal is by ...
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